Being blank

There comes a time when the blankness of the future is just so extreme, it’s like such a black wall of nothingness.

Not of bad things like a cave full of monsters and so, you’re afraid of entering it.

It’s just nothingness, the void, emptiness and it is just horrible. It’s like contemplating a future-less future and so you just want to step out of it.

The monstrosity of being alive overwhelms you.

Stephen Fry

We often feel bleakness and blankness share the same undertone and have the same characteristics.

Blankness can sometimes bring along with it a certain sense of hopelessness for the future. But let us embrace blankness as sometimes existence isn’t always filled with things you understand or you want.

A sense of disorientation isn’t always bad. Why are we always bent upon getting a grip on reality ?

Blankness is something we all desire when our thoughts get the better of us. A blank mind is what we all want when our mind is on an overdrive. We can’t stop thinking and ruminating over the old stuff and all the bygones. Oh please can you switch off the tape recorder ? That’s what we tell our mind. But wish it pays heed to our ordeal.

It doesn’t care and troubles us even more.

We need to find that gap between our thoughts.

Blankness sometimes can be confused as being stagnant, not knowing what to do, where to go, what to say and how to proceed further….

But blankness is a state of repose where things can halt for a while and they must else you can exhaust yourself out of overthinking or overdoing or oversaying.

Blankness isn’t a goof-up which happens in an extempore competition on stage.

Blankness can be seen as nothingness or as the precursor to everything that it can contain. You can only write on a blank slate or a whiteboard else it would all look hodge-podge. The idea of blankness sort of feels really empty and we don’t know how to react. Blankness leads to creativity at times. When the mind isn’t filled with the unnecessary that is when ideas germinate easily.

Introspection can happen in blankness as you can be selective about your thoughts and also be more coherent with the way you think. You can invite some of your life’s experiences to get to know yourself better.

Blankness can also lead to a certain amount of peace of mind.

A blank state of mind is devoid of ideas. Or can we say a blank mind can also be receptive to new things and not prejudiced. There are no preconceived notions in blankness. That state of no thought is when we can actually rewire our brain to think effectively and be more productive instead of regurgitating the same thoughts.

Sometimes when people can’t think of a song, they improvise a tune and go on humming it and there you got a catchy new rhythm.

Blankness can be a boon when you are over-filled with too much stimuli in this world.

Blankness is the key to creativity. It is like emptying the cup to refill it with worthwhile stuff.

Black hole looks blank yet has the power to pull objects closer to it and make them vanish into nothingness. Blankness need not be dismissed as something of meek importance or a feeling of powerlessness of not knowing what to do or where you’re headed.

You gotta be blank for recharging your spirits.


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