The blog ‘Chords in the circle of life‘ is the brainchild of Advaita Shyamsunder.

It delves into ‘Creative Chaos’.

Chaos creates wonders. Isn’t it ? Why do you ache for order? Doesn’t it get boring ? What makes life riveting ? The performance of chaos. Order is shallow. Chaos is profound.

Chords in the circle of life focuses on human psyche and all versatile topics related to psychology, literature, philosophy, sociology etc.
You can literally find yourself here. Don’t go in search of yourself on a backpacking tour.
Chords in the circle of life is caffeine for your restless soul.
An unconstrained style of writing can be felt while reading the blog. The blog has been written in a non-linear style without a well-crafted structure just like how any human thinks.

Chords in the circle of life affirms that life is chaotic in a harmonious sense. How can you disregard this fact ? Are you gonna pretend that only an infinitesimal segment of it is reality ? Harmony and chaos complement each other.



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