My Contemplations

All freedom is relative. What could be freedom to you must be an invisible cage to another?

You can’t fail to admit this and sometimes it’s not freedom in the truest sense, but simply the cage widening far away from you, the bars abstracted with distance but still there..

When people claim to “free” wild animals into nature preserves, in reality it is to only contain them yet again by larger borders. But that is still widening as it is a form of natural habitat for them. Because sometimes not seeing the bars is enough… A self-created solace..

Freedom and the eagerness to prolong our existence are similar. We do know we are gonna die but we are free to do whatever it takes to keep us alive. We are bound by our last hours yet nothing stops us till then to keep up our hopes.

We try to preserve life, even when we know it has no chance of enduring its body.

We feed it, keep it comfortable, bathe it, medicate it, caress it, even sing to it.

We tend to these basic functions not because we are brave or selfless but because, like breath, it is the most fundamental act of our species: to sustain the body until time leaves it behind.


Walk the talk

This world is a bitch. First it body shames you for being skinny as a girl who is coming to terms with her puberty.

And then once you gain weight

Oh my god…

Fat-shame you for being just plump.

Like they own your body.

So I tell you do what you want, eat what you want and stay fit for yourself.

Don’t give much thought to media or people. Remove toxic people who drag you down.

If people comment on you, don’t hesitate to give it back and also show them the door.

Also no one is perfect, pinpoint on others’ weaknesses when they target you. So they know what they signed up for… If people cannot mind their business, show them theirs…

Stay healthy for yourself not to show off to others… Mentally, emotionally and physically stay FIT and HEALTHY.

Is anyone paying you money to take those vile comments ? Then it is OK.. but no contribution, ask them to stick their fingers in their arse.

Skinny girls are jealous of fat girls for their curves and fat girls envy slim chicks for their ability to burn off calories more easily.

Metabolism and hormones speak, all you can do is avoid emotional eating and get your life in hands…

If you wanna work out please do, to expend all that energy not to show off to the world.

The world doesn’t care.

You are just another brick in the wall for it.

But you stay healthy for yourself.

Are you happy ? If you feel you wanna lose please do for yourself… not to gain acceptance..

If you feel wanna gain, please eat more happily not to prove to someone you are fleshy and not that gawky teenager who got bullied.

Most importantly, you have the right to allow your weight to fluctuate, aren’t you the damn owner and resident of YOUR body.

Give yourself a break lady and Go easy.

You are human and not a robot to go cold turkey on your taste buds. Eat all kinds of food to know what suits your body and makes you agile the most…

For me Its KIWI… not that I don’t like pizzas. But I eat less of what makes me lethargic. Thats how I put it.. I eat fast food when I want to and cannot do without. But my cravings are under my control and I don’t eat just to fill a void.

No one is born to starve and nor is anyone born to hoard. Own your appetite for whatever it is and keep your limbs active.

There are days you might wanna binge and attend to your cravings and on other days you could not feel like hogging and just eat to satiate hunger.

Love both the panda and cheetah in YOU…

The world will TOO when you accept and love the topography of your body.

What to write when nothing to say ?

“We cannot step outside life’s songs. This music made us; it is our nature.”

I got a lot to say but not really anything specific and infact I am feeling disconnected with the art of writing in itself. For me it was more of self-expression than achievement oriented. A journey rather than a destination where I ought to feel arrived.

I saw a YouTube Video on how to get over the writer’s block..

I could resonate with it. Loads to write yet everything feels so cluttered and don’t know where to begin. It is like I want to knit a sweater, I got the yarn of wool and needle including the design in my mind yet afraid of messing the stitches I never even began.

He said be prepared to write garbage. Don’t focus on writing perfect as that is where resistance comes.

We can create anything but the moment we focus on excellence and the need to make perfect things than just getting ahead with the task in hand with the slightest effort and optimum creativity, it causes friction.

Writer’s block

Been out of touch with writing and I actually find it a lot boring. I suddenly feel i never really loved writing as much as i thought i would. I like reading more..

I like reading poetry. I actually don’t really enjoy writing as others do. I can’t really call myself a writer and fake it anymore.

Current phase. Hopefully just a phase or maybe I would figure out what I love doing.. let us say gardening or looking after a pet.. but writing seemed like creative work to me

Isnt really connecting with me right now.

Find everything overrated.

I like Wheat beer for starters👻

What if you are ‘A Story’ all by yourself ?

Take the Self as a story

Different thoughts and emotions as characters..

What is expansion of consciousness?

Unification of all thoughts, emotions

Co-existence of our internal characters

Balance and coherence

Leads to consciousness.

When you embrace everything that you experience as a Part of you without denying anything even if it causes discomfort.

Then easy to live with it..

Than resist or deny anything as a part of you..

Why people lose meaning ?

Anthropologists have often described what happens to a primitive society when its spiritual values are exposed to the impact of modern civilization.

Its people lose the meaning of their lives, their social organization disintegrates, and they themselves morally decay.

We are now in the same condition. But we have never really understood what we have lost, for our spiritual leaders unfortunately were more interested in protecting their institutions than in understanding the mystery that symbols present.

In my opinion, faith does not exclude thought (which is man’s strongest weapon), but unfortunately many believers seem to be so afraid of science (and incidentally of psychology) that they turn a blind eye to the numinous psychic powers that forever control man’s fate.

We have stripped all things of their mystery and numinosity; nothing is holy any longer.

~ Carl Jung