What makes happiness an ideal ?

“Happiness is an ideal not of reason, but of imagination. “

Unlike reason which thinks within constraints, imagination is always boundless.

Happiness is a byproduct of imagination.
Being too reasonable need not lead you to happiness. Looking for logic in everything steals the wonder away.

Imagination can help you commute to happiness. Reason can be like a reality check or a halt before you proceed to remind yo whether the path you tread on is really going to make you happy or unhappy in the longer run. Reason can be used as a way of protecting yourself from delusions that can only hamper your happiness. Reason gives you a form of acceptance and yet you can be happy with whatever the situation is without fooling yourself.

Imagination is the green signal to happiness. It helps you transcend the reality that constrains you and see beyond the things that are serving as an obstacle to happiness and make you manoeuvre your current circumstance. 
You can’t intellectualise happiness. 
Reason looks for conditions to be fulfilled before you attain happiness and forgets it can be unconditional and mystical. 
Reason looks at happiness in a realistic way but not as an ideal. You can be happy within what you have, only fulfillment of all your goals and desires doesn’t indicate happiness. 
Imagination extols happiness as an achievement and it makes it seem far-fetched.
Don’t think of happiness as a goal as it will only make it seem elusive. 
Use imagination to create long-lasting happiness and happy experiences. Happiness is a way of life and not an end-goal. 

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