Philosophy isn’t for leisure

Philosophy isn’t just intellectual food for thought. It is not contemplation for whiling away time. It is always a way of life and has meaningful action involved.
It is not a subject to be studied and analysed for the heck of it rather something to be lived and brought alive in its essence.
Infact Nissim Ezekiel describes sparrows as philosophers in solitude who spend their time unearthing thoughts instead of worms.

It is not a preachy laidback approach to life that makes one a philosopher rather an active contemplative demeanour. Diogenes, was lying under the sun like a pauper and the King Alexander came upto him and asked how he could improve his downtrodden condition and way of living..

Diogenes, a unique philosopher replied to the emperor by asking him to move away from his sight as he was blocking the beautiful view of the sun and obstructing the golden sunlight from imparting warmth.

At that moment, Alexander wished to be a beggar than a king as he realised Diogenes had inner contentment inspite of his external condition of being in rags. The King found it difficult to reach that state of inner satisfaction inspite of being affluent and powerful.
The freedom to be happy regardless of the circumstance can be a philosopher’s pursuit.

Sail along with time

Time is like God, so omnipresent.

It is impossible to talk about yourself without the mention of time in some way or the other. The fact that you say I am … so and so and have been a person of….
Your stuck in the present or recent past which is nothing but time.

Is it possible for us to be not time-bound ?Can you think of yourself beyond time like a mythical version of self ?
It sounds like fantasy fiction.

When we talk about dreams, there is the indirect time aspect that comes into play. Dreams don’t exist without a time-frame else you won’t be so attached.
You engage in self-pity for not having them manifested or berate yourself for those reveries being unrealistic in this lifetime.
When we say “broken dreams” we mean that time has made us realise they weren’t feasible enough to be fulfilled in this lifespan.

The idols in a temple are symbolic of sacredness in a stone that is chiselled into the respective deities.
They represent timelessness in faith.
We are either trying to arrest time or flow with it and adapt to its pace.
Anything that is transient isn’t sought after but people hanker after things that are eternal like music and art.

Anything that brings about an eternal aspect to time or rather transcends the vagaries of time, sparks the interest of us mortals.

Time contains the past, present and future. Our history or biography, our current happenings of life and also what lies in store ahead….

If time is removed from the very core of our identity and life, how would we define things that happen to us ?
What tense do we use in our descriptions ?
Wouldn’t life become more of a fantasy then ? We would not be living. We cannot live in abstraction.
Probably one of the reasons we use imagination is we feel it is possible to override the effects of time.

Keki Daruwalla, a Parsi poet says the unconscious has never had a clock. There are no season cycles nor spiral line of evolution.
That is why it’s called unconscious as its intangible by time.
The past is actually in the present as we invoke its essence in the present. Else it has no existence. That is the bizarre irony.
In all that clutter there is no sense of time indeed !

Blame it on memory

The present is singular. It is memory that sets up time. An year is no less a vanity than history.

What am I without fear ?

Fear is so damn ‘real’. Right out there.

Sometimes I feel I have allowed so many weeds to grow in a garden like my mind and they wreak havoc on my emotions..

I feel fear is like a monster if not kept in check..

It can spoil your peace. Yet there are dualities to every fear… if it arises from concern for yourself, it is valid.

But if its just a hindrance towards your happiness and progress wanting you to resolve every goddamn thing in your life before you enjoy it to the fullest in the present, then it needs to be ignored.

But it always exists and never vanishes.

Fear is not just about being afraid or getting jitters, being anxious for no reason, feeling foolish for overreacting to uncomfortable things.

Fear comes with a vibe and energy.

It is our body or senses or mind trying to tell us something.

It need not be baseless. We have to address the root of things.

Fear is associated in someway with death or a sense of loss.. that lack of control over life causes fear.. fear of future in a state of anticipation .. what if things don’t turn out to be the way I want them to be..

Fear is survival based and a natural response to a lot of situations in life..

I fear losing my sanity, sense of self and letting my emotions go beyond my control.

But irony is whatever I fear i somewhere know I don’t control those things

If I have to lose it then let it be..

So be it..

Fear needs to be tackled with a sense of complacency instead of feeling the need to get all the answers to life then and there.

Fear never goes away but atleast the intensity is less once I kinda befriend it.

Use it to understand myself

Fear of abandonment and taken for granted in relationships has been an inherent one since childhood…i mean i would say it was a premonition maybe I didn’t pay attention to it..

I did attract few ppl who taught what its like to trust and be let down.. though everytime I came out with new hope and fresh energy…

Fear of inauthenticity in real world relations..

In adult world, fear of intimacy has been always there. It is hard to find a great chemistry with someone and also feel emotionally safe and sure to give yourself..

Not everyone understands this in a fast moving world..

Fear of stagnancy, what if I am stuck in the same place from years and never realised ? I thought I had evolved and grown out of my old blockages only to find myself caught up in the same maze… same pattern of relationships. I get involved with emotionally unavailable people or those who aren’t really aligned for a romantic union.

But irony is the connection is so intense sometimes, difficult to severe it off at one go.

Fear of eye contact, not everyone’s eyes is good for you.. eyes are windows to the soul but some can be harmful too from my personal experience. I avoid predators yet sometimes life brings them in different forms.

Funny and scary too.

Fear of getting hurt, it nevertheless happens. Like I said, it is more like a red signal or a gut instinct kicking in. We don’t pay attention to things that are foreboding sometimes as we are so blinded by our illusions. We think we know people and this world. Only to know that the truth is mostly bitter.

What if the one I love sometimes is the one who actually is the most toxic for my growth ? What if nothing that I see is actually real ?

Fear of misperception.

What if My sense of reality is totally warped ? Fear of disassociation.

Fear of letting my real self loose, not everything is for society sometimes only for selected few and Inspite of great efforts, things would topple and spill.

Fear of being hysteric with my emotions when they go all over the place !

Fear of suppressing what I really feel either way it’s gonna come out sooner or later , difference being in the intensity 😃

Fear of being someone’s nightmare but if they brought it on themselves then can’t help 🙂

I would never let go of my fear as it is my acquaintance which gives me important experiences in life so I know how the world works or rather what works for me and what doesn’t…

It gives me a hunch when something is not right. But i don’t have cuddle it all the time and stop living. Its ok to go wrong.

Fear of imperfection

Thats what spoils the fun of experiencing everything in life and giving way to endless analyses.

What’s in optimism ?

Optimism shouldn’t blind you to the reality.

Pessimism can be helpful when you have to accept the reality even when it is not what you expected and desired.

It is not about hoping that things would get better. It is about seeing the worst yet not being affected by it.

There is no consolation prize in life. There is always a sacrifice.

A healthy realism is productive in the longer run as a feel-good optimism is always followed by a downfall.

Well technically, the glass is always full and not empty, filled with half-air and half-water..

Nothing wrong with attention

Why do we need attention ?

We are all social beings. Attention makes us feel validated and that we belong to this world. You feel isolated without attention. No man is an island indeed. Even when people crave for solitude, they want the right kind of people to give them attention. They want someone to complement their solitude. They need non-intrusive attention that doesn’t pull them out of their comfort zone.

Where does the problem lie ?

Wanting attention from others isn’t wrong but the inherent problem lies in seeking approval. Approval and attention need not go hand in hand. Once you want approval from people then you become someone who wants to please others. So you would end up behaving or doing things just to get their attention for the sake of it.

When you garner attention from a space of security and just for being yourself, it is liberating. But you have gotten used to pleasing people just because they shower you with the right attention and approve of you, then it is suffocating.

Attention is addictive. It is a necessary evil that could probably distort your reality if not kept in check.

You can thrive on attention without being a people’s pleaser and rather the world would pay attention to you for your genuine self. Be an open show-off but don’t force an image upon yourself just to grab attention.

Beyond the self

What Is within and beyond the body ?
Consciousness. It lives on.
There is an insightful scene in the animated movie Lion King.
When the lion cub Simba asks his father Mufasa as to why he must revere even an antelope as lions eat the animal, Mufasa explains, “Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As a king, you must respect that balance and every creature right from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.
When we die, our bodies become the grass and the antelope eat the grass, so we are all connected in the great circle of life.”
We are all connected even though we might not see It as such and this is the best example of awakening consciousness beyond what is visible to our immediate senses.
Man (and woman) has an infinite capacity for self-development. Equally, he has an infinite capacity for self-destruction. A human being may be clinically alive and yet, despite all appearances, spiritually dead.
That’s how consciousness is unawakened in many and rather stagnant. Many could be actually dead from within yet pretend to feel alive on the outside. It could be more of a façade. We all feel numb but we got to be aware of that without living in a perpetual and internal vegetative stage.

Focus isn’t forced

Focus is essential yet it cannot be forced. Effortless focus lasts long.

The more you try to focus and exert yourself to concentrate on something or any task that you are doing, focus goes astray.

Staying centred is focus. No matter what is going around you, you still know you have to drag your attention to the task at hand and that is focus. It is ok to feel distracted and infact distractions can be a way of reminding yourself to bring back your wavering attention to the most important thing in front of you.

Distractions aren’t bad either. They are needed else there would be nothing to focus on. Focus gains precedence and comes into play when there are external factors vying for your selective attention. Focus is the centre while distractions can be relegated to the periphery.

Focus is your point of balance…