What are you aiming at ?

Obstacles don’t exist in life. Sometimes we just expect too much from ourselves. Just be happy where you are, take a deep breath and relax. Not everything has to make sense.

Nothing is ever gonna make real sense and that’s the beauty of life.


What if we all are invalid ?

What if this world was an asylum ? We are all patients trying to make sense of what’s happening around us. Only difference being instead of getting rehabilitated we become more chaotic.

This world is a sanatorium that makes us more demented than helping us recover. While we are trying to make sense of the world, we lose our sense of self.

We all feel alone in our journeys of life. In darkness, one is always alone. And the one who is alone always straddles the dark.

Let go of every idea that doesn’t serve you

Let go of all your assumptions about the universe and it will make perfect sense to you.

That’s what Chuang Tzu, spiritual master says…

Sometimes when you keep trying to analyze each and everything till it suffocates your mind and peace, you will lose the perspective that you need. Infact nothing would ever make sense and you will lose your sense of self.

I have realised being calm always helps in the end. Most of the situations in life don’t deserve the kind of importance that we give them.

Life isn’t indebted to provide explanations to our daily queries.

Letting go doesn’t mean you stop looking for closure or answers. It means you stop holding onto your version of what life should be.

The universe is a sea of coherent vibrations. Nothing is out of place, so just relax.

Nothing happens at random or is highly unordered.

The earlier you learn to letting go of your beliefs of how things should manifest, the easier life unfolds in a sensible way.

Human beings aren’t just beings rather they are human becomings. They are always becoming something or the other without trying to actually get anywhere. By default evolution happens when you don’t force anything. We are all driven by a longing or a purpose.

That longing could be anything, need not be some out of the world achievement. It could something simple like having an amazing time with yourself having a coffee milkshake that has whipped cream dripping with caramel sauce as its topping.

The idea is you want or long for something that makes you happy and de-stresses you.

A sincere thought

I guess you are asking too much from life. Life is never unfair. Can you be fair to life ? Can you acknowledge it for all that it has given you rather bestowed on you ? It doesn’t ask you for anything in return for all that it has done for you except gratitude.

A little bit of gratitude won’t do you harm. Do not give in to the demands of your ego as to how life should be.

Life doesn’t owe you anything. Value it’s unconditional love.


Growth is painful yet necessary else you remain stagnant. There is no evolution without progress or growth. Disappointment is a sign of intelligence, it means you learn to accept things as they are rather than trying to see them how you want them to be.

When you get acquainted with disappointment then it means you accept that you don’t control things in life.

Growth brings a sense of inner acknowledgment that you can handle anything in life if you just let it happen the way it wishes to unfold.

Man gives birth to himself

The mystic Rumi had said that the longing of the human soul comes from separation from its source. Our soul keeps on pining for novelty, freedom from the daily hassles of life and trying to change things from status quo to avoid sheer boredom.

Tell me something, are you happy in this modern world ?? These are lyrics from a song I have listening to in the replay mode quite often as it speaker directly to my soul.

The world which makes things so mundane, compulsive, you can get caught up in the cycle of emptiness and makes you feel that being shallow is totally fine. Shallow as in when you are afraid to dive deep into emotions, into yourself or others. You are ok with just passing by life and not really living it.

During the good times, one usually finds himself longing for change while in the bad times, one just feels the terrible things.

Have you ever noticed that its easy to say ‘be alive’ than actually ‘being’. Its easy to exist than live to be honest. Living requires an expansion of one’s consciousness which we are all aiming at.

I live everyday but not to the extent I wish to yet small steps are better than not living at all.

What if our existence itself is all about learning to live than rushing through life ? The purpose of life is to understand how to live than creating a destination that one ought to reach before dying.

Irony of human existence

Man’s inherent state of being is one involving anxiety and hopelessness. Yes, it’s possible to overcome this sense of isolation and not feel alienated by finding a purpose.

As we strive to become free, unique individuals we still feel the need to be in the company of others. Hence we seek out the comfort of conforming to a group to not feel left out.