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Writer’s block

Been out of touch with writing and I actually find it a lot boring. I suddenly feel i never really loved writing as much as i thought i would. I like reading more..

I like reading poetry. I actually don’t really enjoy writing as others do. I can’t really call myself a writer and fake it anymore.

Current phase. Hopefully just a phase or maybe I would figure out what I love doing.. let us say gardening or looking after a pet.. but writing seemed like creative work to me

Isnt really connecting with me right now.

Find everything overrated.

I like Wheat beer for starters👻

What if you are ‘A Story’ all by yourself ?

Take the Self as a story

Different thoughts and emotions as characters..

What is expansion of consciousness?

Unification of all thoughts, emotions

Co-existence of our internal characters

Balance and coherence

Leads to consciousness.

When you embrace everything that you experience as a Part of you without denying anything even if it causes discomfort.

Then easy to live with it..

Than resist or deny anything as a part of you..

Why people lose meaning ?

Anthropologists have often described what happens to a primitive society when its spiritual values are exposed to the impact of modern civilization.

Its people lose the meaning of their lives, their social organization disintegrates, and they themselves morally decay.

We are now in the same condition. But we have never really understood what we have lost, for our spiritual leaders unfortunately were more interested in protecting their institutions than in understanding the mystery that symbols present.

In my opinion, faith does not exclude thought (which is man’s strongest weapon), but unfortunately many believers seem to be so afraid of science (and incidentally of psychology) that they turn a blind eye to the numinous psychic powers that forever control man’s fate.

We have stripped all things of their mystery and numinosity; nothing is holy any longer.

~ Carl Jung