Life is a battlefield

In modern day scenario, we need tools or weapons that will help us fight the inner combat that we experience in our individual lives. The inner combat that calls for making a decision or managing an expectation or arriving at a conclusion about an event.. We are all warriors in this battlefield called life and we use weapons that are more of inner guides in trying situations to fight against our inner darkness and gain a sense of self and balance.

  • Mental clarity

The key lies in accepting our imperfections, weaknesses, let us say we keep replaying the same incident that happened over and over again which is of no use to us. We cannot choke or hide our weaknesses without diminishing ourselves. If we don’t recognize our faults or weaknesses, we can be taken advantage of without our knowledge. The idea is to notice our downfalls and make them our armor. Find a clear vision and concentrate in order to launch the inner battle. It is important to put our thoughts in order to function in an effective and healthy way. Unless thoughts are in harmony, we can never calm down and allow the mind to play its role and discern devoid of the negative emotions acting as parasites.

  • Knowing how to adapt

The art of inner mastery lies in knowing how to adapt to the changing course of things. Adaptability has got nothing to do with survival per se but also shows the creative dimension of every human being. To adapt to different situations doesn’t mean to submit, but it means we have to find adequate and intelligent means of action with new inner means. We cannot predict how things go and if they don’t turn out to be the way we wanted them to be, then we get tensed and stiffen up. The idea is to let go and relax ourselves enough to adapt to the new evolving things in life. We have to train ourselves to preserve the flexibility of the mind.

To know how to climb

It requires us to diminish the importance we give to what we want and to what we are attached to in an obsessive way.

Whatever makes us all tense and stiff can disappear once we relax.


Embody growth

We often allow our uncreative doing hide the emptiness of loud existence. All that doing doesn’t lead us anywhere only keeps us secure in our delusions.

We forget we need to grow and take change for granted. Who wants to face the deep lurking feeling of void ?

Growth is symbolic of a butterfly emerging out of its chrysalis state.

You need to grow either because you lack something essential or you need something to be added in your life or have to overcome a challenge that is debilitating on your holistic well-being. Very often, there is a realisation that dawns upon us in the nick of time to let go or take action towards things that have gone astray in life such as our health, mindset, lifestyle etc. due to neglect.

The law of inertia is all-pervasive in every aspect of our lives. Sometimes we get so comfortable in sulking and whining and not getting to do anything about our state of mind. It becomes so easy to get pulled into despair over our circumstances.

What are the moments am I likely to regress ?

There are periods of emotional turmoil and there is this feeling of loneliness that just hovers around you. In such situations you can’t help regressing back to your old self and sometimes you are bereft of hope. Anxiety and agitation can take a toll on you and make you do things in haste. Those are the times where you look within instead of reacting everything around you which could create more disturbance.

See the benefit of outgrowing things that don’t fit in your life, don’t serve who you are as a person.

It is always better to acknowledge that it’s easy to slip and fall back as it is quite normal and part of the process related to growth.

The idea is to get comfortable with falling but do get back up.

There is this double incapacity for positive action when you you ignore what is the cause of what’s happening around you and within you.

When you ignore the root cause and act like you are growing, you only become more stagnant.

Do remember that ‘actionless doing’ is what is called for many a time. Aligning with the forces of life without resisting the key changes. Things get done without you acting upon them. Growth becomes difficult when you keep resisting what is meant to change or holding onto aspects of you that aren’t really accelerating the process.

The trick about growth is that you don’t always grow in every dimension of your life. There is an unevenness and which is natural. You could be mature in one realm yet childish in another sphere. Growth is relative and sometimes its only partial and still is a worthwhile endeavour.

The past, present and future mingle together to pull us in different directions, forward and backward. As long as you have a steady sense of self and acknowledge how far you have come and see what it took to reach a long distance, you are fine. We are all made up of layers, cells and constellations which cannot be undone or reconstituted within a jiffy.

Growth takes time sometimes lifetime yet it’s the beginning that matters. You would probably always be at the beginning as sometimes its about arriving where you already belong. Growth can be a mundane realisation than a life changing epiphany.

More often, you need to integrate new experiences with old in a coherent manner to give you a harmonious present life.


The soul is caged in the body. But alas how can it be set free if one has to be alive ?

Living entails a bit of sacrifice on the part of the soul. It has to be submissive to the material reality. The soul needs a body to come into being. It can’t be formless if it wants to express itself.

Before the soul can see, the harmony within must be attained.

Fear is freedom

Sometimes fear itself can be liberating. There is nothing wrong in feeling on the edge and being afraid of falling into the abyss.

The idea of overcoming fear itself produces fear. The more you want to control how you feel and confront fear, you would be literally be swept off by dread.

Feel free to experience fear. You are human.

Fear makes you aware of your limitations as a person. It tells you to listen to your gut instincts.

You know better what is good for you. Fear is a sign that something is off the radar. It tells you to be more cautious.

Fear in itself is the key to overcoming it. Sounds funny right ? Fear exists even when you lie to yourself that you’re courageous.

You could probably tone it down a bit.

My favourite dialogue from Lion King is

“I am only brave when I have to be. Being brave doesn’t mean you go looking for trouble.”

I totally agree with that. Fear is important in reality. Being fearless is overrated.

Be afraid and learn what that sensation is trying to tell you.

Many a time your fear makes you fall in alignment with your conscience lest you become imbalanced. If you feel there is an unreasonable amount of fear creeping up inside you in a situation, it means your intuition is bonking you on your head saying “Hey, don’t go in that direction, it’s dangerous.”

What’s an experience ?

There is no such thing as a perfect moment or a perfect experience.

Things are always the way they are its our attitude that makes any moment look perfect or imperfect.

Many a times I gave found imperfect moments most pleasing and everlasting..

While I was going to my tuitions in 12th Grade, a friendly dog came over me and jumped, pawing my T-shirt with wet mud. It had just rained and stopped, so just imagine how would it feel?

But somehow it was a loveable experience..

I have never received such love ever, even though all the overwhelming affection soiled my clothes , I kind of felt good.. I went to tuition with all those muddy pawed prints on me just as they were without caring about what people thought of me.

Old soul

I feel like a dwindled book, rare engravings worn away by time.
Many of us have an old soul, an ancient consciousness that surpasses the present concerns of the world.
We feel out of sync with the world which moving at a rapid pace.

You feel like a black sheep and left out by the crowd. Sometimes being an oddity takes a toll on your mental and emotional health. Yet being a flower of unique fragrance has its own essence. Though the calendar is full but the future is blank, that’s how I feel about the bleakness of our life sometimes.