A troll called Time

I am a whim of that shifty element called time that is inescapable.

It is true that we all operate within the hourglass of our fate. Only difference being some of us have a short expiry date and others a longer duration. The hourglass of life is what we often take for granted. Sometimes we hold onto bygones whereas at other times, we are living in an anticipatory mode.

We fail to fully live in the present. There is this sense of missing out on larger than life things that grips hold of us sometimes.

A French philosopher Gaston Bachelard,

describes time as a paradoxical experience owing to every instant being a giver and a plunderer at the same time. You would recognise this if you open your heart out to love life with its minute details.

Even a traumatic moment offers you wisdom yet takes away a part of you leaving you empty. A death of a close person can be devastating yet humble you down by making you face the insignificance of every human being.

Time is more like a construction of our consciousness.


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