Tear it down

Van Gogh cut off his left ears in an altercation with one of his friends. He was known to have psychotic episodes. A talented painter going insane and hurting himself seems absurd, isn’t it ?

We all live in self-created delusions. We tend to see things for more than what they are in reality. Sometimes things are only worth their face value. It could also be possible that things are more than what they appear around you.

It’s all about being in sync with life itself.

Dismantle what the heart already knows to find out what it entails. Redefine the morning so that you can uncover a new morning that comes just after darkness.

How do you have a breakthrough in marriage ? Only by plunging into it as by insisting on love we spoil it. We have to get beyond affection and wade mouth-deep into love.

Don’t get lost in counting stars as you must also unlearn the constellations to see the distant wonder. But travelling back towards your childhood will not help.

A poet called Jorge Luis Borges claimed that a city like Rome can be better than itself in the same way the sound of racoon tongues licking the inside walls of the garbage tub is more than the stir of them in the muck of the garbage. The city where you live has everything you need yet just enough to sustain your imagination.

Love is never sufficient. We die and are put into the earth forever while we insist there is still time.

We can have our fill through the wildness of earth’s sweet body to reach the soul encased within our body.

What looks filled to the brim could be empty and what seems like a void could actually be whole by itself.

Your lofty walk among the covetous multitude could be more silent than your own shadow. Think about it !


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