Tomboy Vs girly girl

Pink over blues doesn’t matter you can still be a tomboy.

The definition of a tomboy has changed and rather it has become redundant. But to ease the understanding of a woman’s feisty personality we sometimes call them as tomboys.

But my question is will guys who possess feminine traits, then be known as Tomgirls ?

Anyway lets not get there. A woman has layers to her personality owing to her versatility and ability to adapt herself according to the situation.

Guys like a girl who would drink a beer with them rather than appear all holier than thou You don’t have to be a ‘GIRL’ literally to be attractive. Infact 80% of women are tomboys barring a few who feign total girliness to avoid being different and toe in the line.

A girl with a sense of humor and charm.. She likes romance novels and action films as well. She would not hesitate to be aggressive if required and give a piece of her mind to those who need it.

Ia there any rule girly girls can’t like sports ? These days women are dabbling in everything.. maybe the word tomboy was coined when we lived in a society which was totally patriarchal much more than it is today.

You need not like sports yet you would wear only jeans and tee most of the time.

A tomboy knows how to love her guy and take care of him when needed. At the same time she won’t bow down and be submissive to his needs. She will tell him things the way they are and call a spade a spade.

Unlike a girly girl, she won’t be so self conscious. She would be as confident in a checked shirt and jeans as she would feel amazing in a dress.

She won’t take hours to get dressed up at the same time will have the best unique style. She would be neither Betty nor Veronica from Archies. Rather a mish-mash of both. When it comes to her pride she would don Veronica’s shoes and when its about playing the field, and faced by bring it on situation she would transform into Betty.


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