Why can’t we live at peace ?


Is it possible to live without conflict ? Not to be without conflict doesn’t have to do with being in intellectual isolation or in an emotional, sentimental or woolly way of life.. Rather to live without any kind of effort at all. The thing about effort is that whether it’s pleasant or unpleasant or gratifying or profitable, does distort and pervert the mind. Effort is akin to a machine that is constantly grinding, never functioning smoothly and hence wearing itself out pretty much quickly.

Then it is certainly a worthwhile question that you ask yourself, whether it is indeed possible to live without any effort… but living without effort should not mean living being lazy, isolated, indifferent, lacking in sensitivity, without becoming a sluggish human being.

From the moment we are born till we die, our entire lives our dedicated to an endless struggle to adjust, to change, to become something. The problem is this struggle makes way for confusion, dulls the mind making our hearts insensitive.


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