A writer’s balance


In traditional Eastern thought, art is a mode of transcendental experience. Writing being an art form is one such sensation.

Tuning our balance

Why do we contemplate ? It’s to tune the intellect, heart, mind and body to the same frequency so they all are vibrating together to create.
As a writer, each of these vibrations are reverberating in a different frequency creating a discord that blocks one’s creative potential.

My mind yearns to write but heart wants to be slothful. The intellect wants to read a prosaic novel and the body wants to to a salon for a spa. Now that is indeed a discordant atmosphere for anyone to produce a written masterpiece.
It is only by rejection that any growth in nature happens. Rejection of all that we are not that we can become what we are. You don’t have to write like someone else or internalize a legend’s writing style.

Creation doesn’t involve construction of elements rather a rejection of them.

The day we understand this it would help us simplify and be gentler with ourselves. We land at artwork that has integrity by doing away with all that is non-essential.

Instead of trying to create something let creation happen through you.

When we don’t anchor ourselves, we feel lost and our consciousness slips to a bare minimal requirement for survival. of Evolving into something beautiful is what we writers are for…Who wants to be  like birds with clipped wings blocked by limitations ?

For a writer, anchoring is also the essence of connecting to any space in which she creates art. Anchoring helps in settling the mind and weaving itself into the space in which creation happens.


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