Preview of ‘Black Suits You’ by Novoneel Chakraborty

The beginning of the book tells me that it is erotic fiction at its best without getting kinky. 

The prologue starts off with a girl explaining her sexual fantasy with an author whom she admires.

She tells him to imagine how would it feel to lie down naked with each other on a railway track with their barebacks on the cold metal. It has an eerie look to it. Thegirl  seems manically obsessed with him from the way she describes about her carnal desire. 

Who said there are no one liners to quote in this book ? You have to draft them on your own from the seductive style of writing. Pick them from the intricately woven paragraphs. 

My favourite line in the prologue is

“This world makes me feel like a house of concrete but you make me feel like a house of cards.”


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