Sharing some humor

Did you know a wyrm is a dragon which has neither wings nor limbs ?

Another thought

I feel like questioning human existence itself
…. i feel we get stuck in the animal consciousness
Though we proclaim to be evolved…
We go on with daily lives
Like we got a purpose
The majority always asks you what do you do ?
No one asks you How you feel or are you happy?
Its always about getting somewhere
What if direction is just an illusion ?
Man-made construct

Painted Chaos

What do you see in this painting ?

The viewer sees what he wants to see. You can see mayhem, unbridled chaos at first glance and yet there are hidden forms beneath that absurdity.

The interpretation lies with the observer.

There are morphed forms.. if you look hard..

It is what you choose to see in a painting that brings out the essence.

What you see is a part of you.. and how you project meaning onto the real world ?

This can be seen as a Rorschach test of personality in psychology..

What is reality?

Painted by Advaita Shyamsunder 👻

(My exploration with colors)

We perceive reality according to our limited perception. Reality is often beyond our reach as it is not just experiential, many a time it lies in the invisible realm, inaccessible unless you make an effort to comprehend it.

White light diffuses into seven colors when it passes through a prism. That is the beauty and truth of white light. But we see it as white light alone, we don’t think about its constituents. It contains a rainbow.

The mind is the great slayer of the Real as H.P. Blavatsky, a theosophist spoke about how reality is distorted by our mind which sometimes acts as an obstruction to confront Truth as it is and not how we would like truth to be.

Reality is eternal and that is ceaseless change in life. We mistake illusions for reality. Illusions are more like appearances and transient. They are only reflections of the actual things beyond our perception. Illusions exist but are temporary. They don’t represent the whole truth as it is.

Our reality is sometimes only the visible part of the Sun, what you can see everyday in the sky. The luminous part of the sun is our reality. But the sun is more than what is visible to humans.

How can a single star produce daylight ? We don’t think of that. Reality isn’t always looked at for what it is, we take it for granted.

A bee pollinates a flower, otherwise plants cannot create seeds nor can bees produce nectar and feed pollen to their developing offsprings.

Reality often shows how everything is interconnected in nature and our lives. It is not fragmented ever.

Listen to the Soundless Sound

Man goes into the noisy crowd to drown his own clamour of silence.
That’s what Tagore observed about the inner chaos that makes us seek solace outwards.

Do you like silence ? I do. I love it. I find comfort in it. But many don’t. They feel it’s an emptiness. There is a misconception that silence is loneliness and a void. But that is where your essence lies.
If you keep running away from silence, you would have to live in noise forever.
Of course silence has its unsettling phase as well. But that’s what you need. That discomfort is what later on brings you the inner harmony you seek outside

The outside noise of the world can submerge the inner noise. Why is it called the inner noise ?

Isn’t that silence ?
Silence can be scary. Yea, much scarier than real noise. Silence makes you feel like you’re living in a vacuum. It makes you closer to your own self.
But how many of us like it ? Frankly, answer yourself.

There are two kinds of silences. One is terrifying as it makes you confront your inner demons which you would wish to suppress. No wonder you prefer the shallow noise of the outside world as it makes you cover up this hidden darkness in you. Initially this sort of silence disorients you but as you go deeper into it, you feel aligned with nature.

There is this other form silence which fills you with peace once you harmonize all the disarrayed emotions within you. Rather just ‘Just Be’ instead of processing things around you and thinking over the impact of all the ongoings in your life.
The silence that cuts off all the commotion from the world so that you’re immune to external harm

Silence is your anchor. Why stray away from it ?