What to write when nothing to say ?

“We cannot step outside life’s songs. This music made us; it is our nature.”

I got a lot to say but not really anything specific and infact I am feeling disconnected with the art of writing in itself. For me it was more of self-expression than achievement oriented. A journey rather than a destination where I ought to feel arrived.

I saw a YouTube Video on how to get over the writer’s block..

I could resonate with it. Loads to write yet everything feels so cluttered and don’t know where to begin. It is like I want to knit a sweater, I got the yarn of wool and needle including the design in my mind yet afraid of messing the stitches I never even began.

He said be prepared to write garbage. Don’t focus on writing perfect as that is where resistance comes.

We can create anything but the moment we focus on excellence and the need to make perfect things than just getting ahead with the task in hand with the slightest effort and optimum creativity, it causes friction.


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