Revisiting a myth

Alluring but misjudged


Inspired by a Greek narrative)

Medusa is a beauty for me…

Passionate soul who was in love

Not a monster

Many don’t know she was cursed by Athena who transformed her into a Gorgon, hideous creature.

The Ruthless Goddess of war took her wrath upon a sea nymph.

For what ?

The unquestionable Poseidon desecrated Athena’s temple by making love to Medusa inside the premises and used her to incite Athena’s anger.

Even the Greek Gods had flings while the lovers were assuming the whole time to be their lifelong companion.

Poseidon felt the temple near his abode intimidated his existence as a sea God.

Medusa was the victim of unrequited love

And also another woman’s jealousy.

Did Athena envy Medusa for her unrivalled beauty ?

Why wasn’t Poseidon cursed too ?

The curse unleashed, the outcasted lady..

Medusa is enigmatic even with all the snakes in place of her hair strands..

For me, this character is a shunned part of ourselves that we fail to acknowledge and accept at times.

The vulnerable part which when revealed we feel would be rejected by the world.

We don’t have to allow that Medusa in us to become a monster who turns anyone into a stone who dares to look her in the eye possessing icy-cold glare. We don’t have to isolate ourselves from the world if we have been hurt by one person and displace the hurt onto others.

Those eyes once loved a celestial being who didn’t deserve her. Even the Gods weren’t infallible It was not her fault.

A scapegoat even in a myth.

Did she have a say ?

I feel there was no justice for her.

No one really understood her.

She was just a prop in the hands of two Gods who had massive egos.

Less compassionate but unyielding when it came to their anger and irrevocable curses.

On behalf of Medusa, I pen these words,

Dear Poseidon,

I may be the Blighted One !!

I truly loved U Invincible Casanova..

Alas, U were unworthy of those recesses of my heart 💔 that pumped divine love for you.

Truth is bitter but I know

You loved me for my body

Not my soul.

I never knew they were separate.

When I gave myself to you

I thought our souls were entwined

By Misfortune, resentful Athena cursed me

I became repulsive only in appearance

But your soul unveiled as Beknighted

Was I your whim and fancy ?

You were my altar which led to my doom..

I was reborn from the mythical world into reality. I metamorphosed into the modern woman who has an incorrigible foresight lest she gives her unguarded self to any promising man.

I fear bestowing unconditional love. Poseidon, incase your soul brother may defile me in essence.

I am a mermaid who swims and loves her fins not a fish to be captured by your beguiling charm only to be a day’s meal.

Yours Truly



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