There is no answer

Depression could be just a disguised reason given by people for those who commit suicide..

A roman scholar called Pliny The Elder said that suicide is human power over existence when you can’t find worth in your living. We are responsible for our own selves like Jean paul Sartre claimed yet a part of us always has the freedom to take our life when desired. Yet knowing you have the freedom and still not going ahead with such a fatal decision is what keeps us going and look towards what life has in store for us.

But not always “Bring It On” spirit makes us surge forth in life. Life can seem daunting and intimidating in the most little ways.

Many have heartbreaks and are eternally depressed still live on till the day they die….

When we don’t understand something we give it names… to ease our urge for answers..

And also loss of curiosity and anticipation for future…
What if there is complete loss of interest in life itself ?
Realise everything is so overrated..
When you have nothing to look forward to in life , what do you do..

So we never know why anyone takes their life ?
Meaninglessness of life in general..
We don’t see purpose beyond normal existence.. Life just drags on for most of us. All of us have different coping mechanisms to deal with the inner void. Some find a release when life ends in the material world.

Feel-good and mundane existence (which is what life turns out to be many a time) doesn’t suffice for all.

”Accept the absurd and continue life as usual.” That is my mantra and I really don’t want anyone to take their life simply because you gotta see it as an endless struggle in absurdity..

Animals don’t commit suicide. We humans have a lot to think and reflect upon, too much of brain ruins our heart and soul too. Give a break to your grey matter. Live. Just live.

You are going to die soon and neither of us are immortal. So self-escapism isn’t the solution for sure. Do take your life if you wish to but think twice about living each day for the ones who love and care for you.


3 thoughts on “There is no answer

  1. Suchitra

    I agree with you Advaita. Although giving depression a name has made people understand the extent of internal damage and soul searching one has to struggle with, it is often loosely and overly used. No one person’s reason for depression is the name. No one person’s journey is the same. But when they come across that one knack to get out of it and hang on till they do, all the pain and struggle starts making sense somehow.

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