Random thoughts on language

I write to express and since I am strongly opinionated about lots of things. Vocabulary has helped me articulate and emphasize on certain emotions and make a stronger impact on people. People think vocabulary is used to create an impression and show off that you know a lot and is associated with being a word snob.

But apart from the snobbery, there is a lot of advantage in being well-acquainted with a lot of words. It leads to thought expression and self-awareness along with an understanding of the deepest layers of your self.

The word poignant is not the same as sad. Yea it does denote sadness but is more than that. For instance, if you say a movie is poignant, it makes you emotional and melancholic and triggers a lot of suppressed pain within you. Lot of songs rake up that hidden poignance in you as the lyrics touch the subconscious part of your soul that you have failed to acknowledge or consider in a long time.

I recently came across this word called dispassionate. I thought it meant not passionate, not at all keen and disinterested. But I was wrong. And it helped me to know the context in which the word is used.

If someone is dispassionate it means they can be rational without letting their emotions affect their decisions or behaviour or conversation. I am more of an impulsive person so I felt I need to cultivate this trait in me more often than getting carried away by what’s happening around me or what someone said to me…


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