My take on objectification

I want to bust the myth behind the meaning of objectification as per my understanding.

Objectification has been done always..
Nothing to do with gender.
Its all about how you associate with it.
Right from architecture to things we buy.. the way you organise things around your room
Visual appeal resonates with us..

Problem is when people make it as the means to get something voyeuristic and consider the human anatomy as the sole identification of a person.
It becomes vulgarity and abuse.

Who doesn’t objectify or get objectified ? Even to get a pilot training license, your height is one the main traits for selection.

When you appreciate a dancer and her or his movements And flexibility or when you cast a Model for an advertisement
Thats also objectifying…
But the problem lies in how it is misused..
We relate to this world through how we feel about things..
Unless someone is formless…

We objectify God too🙀
Coz we need to feel him in some form else it is difficult sometimes to feel the essence of something you repose your faith in..

Idols or whatever even a stone like pagan worship..

Even if you worship a tree or a sky, you still look for representation and a symbolic element to project your prayers onto..That is natural.. our relation to this phenomenal world.

Well objectification is another form of representation that we lean onto for our ease of understanding and simplifying the world. But when it is made as as value judgement affecting someone’s character or seeing someone as inanimate with no feelings or emotions or value as a person, then it becomes degrading.


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