God didn’t create evil

Although God created everything that exists, he did not create evil because evil isn’t a thing rather a lack/deficiency of something.

Humans have been given the freedom of will and choice by Providence. So it is upto us whether we do good or evil deeds.

Just like Adam and Eve we have the choice to or not to eat the forbidden fruit. Good and evil balance out the world. There is always inherent evil in everything on this earth.

Just like discordant notes in a music combines with melodious notes to produce a symphony and a harmonious music. Evil combines with good to create a just order in this world.


One thought on “God didn’t create evil

  1. Well said. Adam and Eve’s story is a Biblical thought process, which is based on the wrong premise. The Indian story is that God wanted this world to come into existence. Satan is another fault line in biblical thinking.

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