Philosophy isn’t for leisure

Philosophy isn’t just intellectual food for thought. It is not contemplation for whiling away time. It is always a way of life and has meaningful action involved.
It is not a subject to be studied and analysed for the heck of it rather something to be lived and brought alive in its essence.
Infact Nissim Ezekiel describes sparrows as philosophers in solitude who spend their time unearthing thoughts instead of worms.

It is not a preachy laidback approach to life that makes one a philosopher rather an active contemplative demeanour. Diogenes, was lying under the sun like a pauper and the King Alexander came upto him and asked how he could improve his downtrodden condition and way of living..

Diogenes, a unique philosopher replied to the emperor by asking him to move away from his sight as he was blocking the beautiful view of the sun and obstructing the golden sunlight from imparting warmth.

At that moment, Alexander wished to be a beggar than a king as he realised Diogenes had inner contentment inspite of his external condition of being in rags. The King found it difficult to reach that state of inner satisfaction inspite of being affluent and powerful.
The freedom to be happy regardless of the circumstance can be a philosopher’s pursuit.


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