Sail along with time

Time is like God, so omnipresent.

It is impossible to talk about yourself without the mention of time in some way or the other. The fact that you say I am … so and so and have been a person of….
Your stuck in the present or recent past which is nothing but time.

Is it possible for us to be not time-bound ?Can you think of yourself beyond time like a mythical version of self ?
It sounds like fantasy fiction.

When we talk about dreams, there is the indirect time aspect that comes into play. Dreams don’t exist without a time-frame else you won’t be so attached.
You engage in self-pity for not having them manifested or berate yourself for those reveries being unrealistic in this lifetime.
When we say “broken dreams” we mean that time has made us realise they weren’t feasible enough to be fulfilled in this lifespan.

The idols in a temple are symbolic of sacredness in a stone that is chiselled into the respective deities.
They represent timelessness in faith.
We are either trying to arrest time or flow with it and adapt to its pace.
Anything that is transient isn’t sought after but people hanker after things that are eternal like music and art.

Anything that brings about an eternal aspect to time or rather transcends the vagaries of time, sparks the interest of us mortals.

Time contains the past, present and future. Our history or biography, our current happenings of life and also what lies in store ahead….

If time is removed from the very core of our identity and life, how would we define things that happen to us ?
What tense do we use in our descriptions ?
Wouldn’t life become more of a fantasy then ? We would not be living. We cannot live in abstraction.
Probably one of the reasons we use imagination is we feel it is possible to override the effects of time.

Keki Daruwalla, a Parsi poet says the unconscious has never had a clock. There are no season cycles nor spiral line of evolution.
That is why it’s called unconscious as its intangible by time.
The past is actually in the present as we invoke its essence in the present. Else it has no existence. That is the bizarre irony.
In all that clutter there is no sense of time indeed !

Blame it on memory

The present is singular. It is memory that sets up time. An year is no less a vanity than history.


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