Nothing wrong with attention

Why do we need attention ?

We are all social beings. Attention makes us feel validated and that we belong to this world. You feel isolated without attention. No man is an island indeed. Even when people crave for solitude, they want the right kind of people to give them attention. They want someone to complement their solitude. They need non-intrusive attention that doesn’t pull them out of their comfort zone.

Where does the problem lie ?

Wanting attention from others isn’t wrong but the inherent problem lies in seeking approval. Approval and attention need not go hand in hand. Once you want approval from people then you become someone who wants to please others. So you would end up behaving or doing things just to get their attention for the sake of it.

When you garner attention from a space of security and just for being yourself, it is liberating. But you have gotten used to pleasing people just because they shower you with the right attention and approve of you, then it is suffocating.

Attention is addictive. It is a necessary evil that could probably distort your reality if not kept in check.

You can thrive on attention without being a people’s pleaser and rather the world would pay attention to you for your genuine self. Be an open show-off but don’t force an image upon yourself just to grab attention.

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