How to bust stress in a meaningful way ?

Stress is natural yet too much of it can be detrimental and deplete our cognitive and emotional resources rendering us incapable of handling even the slightest of overwhelming situations in life.

True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future. There is no need to amuse ourselves with either hopes or fears but to rest satisfied with what we have, which is sufficient, for he that is so wants nothing.

Notice the brain hijack

Have you ever noticed that when stress overtakes you, your amygdala hijacks the brain into a state of readiness for fighting or fleeing. But the fight-or-flight response that our ancestors faced were more acute and physical (like a prowling lion).

When you start to go into “fight-or-flight,” mode, notice your breathing that gets more shallow, the heart beating faster, and your muscles getting tense. This response is generally quite rapid and is caused by surges of adrenalin and cortisol coursing through your body.

If you practice watching for the first signs of stress (like your shoulders tensing), you can catch the response early in the process, before your brain is completely hijacked.

Reserve your energy

We all have a certain amount of energy and which is exhaustible if wasted on things that are of little value. Save your energy on things that are of importance in your life. Energy is a resource that needs to be replenished every now and then. When we have to respond to a situation that demands an excess amount of energy then we get stressed as we lack the stamina needed to deal with the crisis.

There are too many things we have to attend to within a time that we find far too short. But you can always ask yourself whether all those things really deserve to occupy such a central position ? Is it not possible to make a selection between the things that are really worthwhile and those which are less so and those that aren’t worthwhile at all ? When you do this clarifying answers will arise to resolve the stress that envelops us like an impenetrable mist.

We are mostly trapped by things due to their triviality. We end up doing things that lead us nowhere, are constantly on the move without knowing where we are headed. Saving energy helps you define your goals and create goals that are more realistic and not adding to your stress. Sometimes you have goals that are unrealistic or make you feel as if you don’t know where you are going. This is a path that makes the inner human being die under the weight of an absurd, complex and enervating construction, which was supposed to have been made for his own protection, for his personal development.

Don’t stress over things that are beyond your control

We can’t control the circumstances in our life but we can choose how to respond to trying situations without allowing stress to destabilise us. As long as we retain that sense of self and inner calm, we can respond effectively to any situation. Stressing over things that aren’t really in our control only makes us aggressive in our response. The way to we react to things when they are out of control is what makes us stronger and develops our endurance level.

Whatever will be will be… is the motto you have to adopt in life. Trying to make things fit in your way of seeing life does not help and is a recipe for disappointment.

We have to be humble and learn to follow the rhythm of life than causing disharmony in the way things are moving and progressing. Let life take over and just be one of the strings in its musical instrument.

Don’t escape worries

Taking rest or having a retreat isn’t really the answer for dealing with worries. Sooner or later those things that troubled you resurface and could be all the more overwhelming.

When we try to distract ourselves, we would only escape for a brief period of time, of hiding from the pile of things that await us on our return and will make is feel stressed again.

Once we fall into the grip of anxiety and feel trapped by the demands of life where real or imagined, we would wind up in an inescapable maze.

We can even be stressed by obligations to be met and rights that we don’t know how to exercise or not fully understand in the real sense.

Sometimes we got no other choice other than plunging into the vortex and hoping that time will pass, bringing our next holidays closer which we think would be better than the last ones and will truly give us an opportunity to rest.

Travelling isn’t the solution

Many feel that by getting away from home and going on a vacation, one leaves behind his worrying self. Actually you just end up carrying them hidden in your suitcase only to discover them cropping up in your head and aura while your enjoying the view of a beach.

There is no point in keeping a physical distance between us and our problems. We can’t let our minds go blank.

We are ourselves end up being our own enemies, the cause of our detested stress.

Moving from one place to another doesn’t help unless you are actively and intelligently part of the process and know how to deal with your worries.

Stress is a habitat where worry goes on breeding its siblings unless you put a stop to it then and there. Don’t let stress become a wave that sweeps you off your feet. Use it as a tool to spur you into action and focus on things that matter than letting the trivial demoralize you. The trivial has its special rhythm of insatiable madness.

Play with stress like a lyre

Explore your stress like the different notes of a musical instrument.

Some types of stress can be stimulating and invigorating in their tunes, mobilizing us into action and creative potency; others can be draining and incapacitating, leaving us frustrated and hopeless.

As Seneca says that there are more things likely to frighten us than those that really crush us.

We suffer more often in imagination than in reality.

A little air and light on matters and useful knowledge will open up a way through to the emancipated self which is always present in us.

Stress can give way to unsuspected harmony in which time, space and energy will act on the basis of the eternal and essential.


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