Wisdom seldom happens

In ancient folklore, an owl always sat on Greek Goddess Athena’s blind side when she couldn’t see the whole truth. An owl has been a symbol of wisdom. When you fail to see the whole picture in a situation, invoke the owl in you to discern and make the right decision for yourself than getting swayed by other illusive forces and temptations.

Oscar Wilde said he can resist anything but temptation. Well wisdom can resist temptation as nothing can ahead beyond what it sees.

Ego always wants us to react to our thought but wisdom ensures we detach ourselves from those crippling thoughts and identify with our core consciousness and inner guidance.

Having a basket of fresh cut vegetables lying idle on a table is much different from actually cooking them or making a palatable salad. Knowledge can get rotten like uncooked vegetables if not used effectively or utilized in an appropriate manner. Either you eat or you cook the vegetables as simply leaving them to rot is a waste of food.

Knowledge needs to applied in a right way for it to even be considered wisdom.

Sometimes the biggest step you can take towards wisdom is realising that you are indeed ignorant and not as knowledgeable as you thought you were.

That acknowledgement itself is an essential key to being wise.

Wisdom is in a way related to humility.

But that sense of being humble comes from a place of inner strength and courage. There is nothing wrong in admitting that you don’t know anything.

Knowing nothing is a form of freedom and you are absolved from having to know everything that you experience.

Admit being a fool to yourself and you will start being wise.

Wisdom is not knowledge. Though knowledge helps you arrive at wisdom but knowledge alone does not guarantee wisdom.

You need not know a lot of things in order to be wise. For me wisdom is related to intuition. Knowing something without giving it much of a thought and analysing things.

Wisdom is not knowing more rather unifying everything you know, finding the common element in seemingly disconnected things.

It is the ability to be more coherent and weed out unnecessary elements from life.

Wisdom knows the difference between reaction and response. Both aren’t the same yet there is a thin line. Reactions are dependent on external stimuli but responses are more driven by a balanced sense of self.

Being foolish comes easily to us as it is driven by impulse but wisdom arises from a long process of being self-disciplined and patient with ourselves.

Wisdom is realising that less is more.

Accumulating more doesn’t necessarily make you richer or more wise. Wisdom is something that you never forget an is rooted in the deepest layers of our inner being. It’s not about what is there in the outer shell of the memory. It is a seed which is sown and takes time to mature and grow. Knowledge is tangible and more visible like a fruit. Wisdom is the subtle element which plays a role in how you apply the knowledge. Even to know whether the fruit is ripe or unripe, requires wisdom. Knowledge which is of no use is as good as not knowing anything.

A set of skills and dispositions that help you choosing what is healthy and unhealthy for you in the long run is wisdom. It is not mechanical, sometimes it works with intuition, and with practice it is easier to tap onto your wisdom. When Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge, he was also referring to transcending the intellectual realm and reaching out to that latent wisdom in all of us. Imagination is required for being in touch with our wisdom.

Wisdom is knowledge applied to one’s life not as an intellectual adornment but as a daily and clarified rule for living. Something that awakens us from the lethargy in which we are immersed.

What is essential to your sense of self ? That is wisdom. Wisdom becomes a part of your integral self. Let your field of action be wisdom.

It can never be stagnant, it flows though at a slow pace sometimes unless you learn it harness, it comes forth like a gushing waterfall that washes away your ignorance. It can be an antidote to all your delusions and ignorance.

Wisdom is like a horse that stands and sleeps and is latently active. Once you awaken it, it gallops and takes you along the right direction and in the appropriate speed meant for you.

Going through life without wisdom is like walking barefoot on rugged roads. Wisdom is like a shoe with good sole that would help to traverse uneven terrains in life and maintain your balance thereby preventing you from slipping.

Wisdom is loyal to you irrespective of the circumstances unlike knowledge which only flatters your ego. Wisdom is sometimes about facing the bitter truth and accepting it instead of finding ways to alter the reality as per your expectations.

One golden rule of wisdom is that never be against life rather live in favour it and accept its treacherous currents while making an effort to obtain a clarity of ideas. These ideas will help you navigate the world with success.

Awaken the wisdom that lies buried or beneath your waves of fear and inertia !


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