Life is a battlefield

In modern day scenario, we need tools or weapons that will help us fight the inner combat that we experience in our individual lives. The inner combat that calls for making a decision or managing an expectation or arriving at a conclusion about an event.. We are all warriors in this battlefield called life and we use weapons that are more of inner guides in trying situations to fight against our inner darkness and gain a sense of self and balance.

  • Mental clarity

The key lies in accepting our imperfections, weaknesses, let us say we keep replaying the same incident that happened over and over again which is of no use to us. We cannot choke or hide our weaknesses without diminishing ourselves. If we don’t recognize our faults or weaknesses, we can be taken advantage of without our knowledge. The idea is to notice our downfalls and make them our armor. Find a clear vision and concentrate in order to launch the inner battle. It is important to put our thoughts in order to function in an effective and healthy way. Unless thoughts are in harmony, we can never calm down and allow the mind to play its role and discern devoid of the negative emotions acting as parasites.

  • Knowing how to adapt

The art of inner mastery lies in knowing how to adapt to the changing course of things. Adaptability has got nothing to do with survival per se but also shows the creative dimension of every human being. To adapt to different situations doesn’t mean to submit, but it means we have to find adequate and intelligent means of action with new inner means. We cannot predict how things go and if they don’t turn out to be the way we wanted them to be, then we get tensed and stiffen up. The idea is to let go and relax ourselves enough to adapt to the new evolving things in life. We have to train ourselves to preserve the flexibility of the mind.

To know how to climb

It requires us to diminish the importance we give to what we want and to what we are attached to in an obsessive way.

Whatever makes us all tense and stiff can disappear once we relax.


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