Embody growth

We often allow our uncreative doing hide the emptiness of loud existence. All that doing doesn’t lead us anywhere only keeps us secure in our delusions.

We forget we need to grow and take change for granted. Who wants to face the deep lurking feeling of void ?

Growth is symbolic of a butterfly emerging out of its chrysalis state.

You need to grow either because you lack something essential or you need something to be added in your life or have to overcome a challenge that is debilitating on your holistic well-being. Very often, there is a realisation that dawns upon us in the nick of time to let go or take action towards things that have gone astray in life such as our health, mindset, lifestyle etc. due to neglect.

The law of inertia is all-pervasive in every aspect of our lives. Sometimes we get so comfortable in sulking and whining and not getting to do anything about our state of mind. It becomes so easy to get pulled into despair over our circumstances.

What are the moments am I likely to regress ?

There are periods of emotional turmoil and there is this feeling of loneliness that just hovers around you. In such situations you can’t help regressing back to your old self and sometimes you are bereft of hope. Anxiety and agitation can take a toll on you and make you do things in haste. Those are the times where you look within instead of reacting everything around you which could create more disturbance.

See the benefit of outgrowing things that don’t fit in your life, don’t serve who you are as a person.

It is always better to acknowledge that it’s easy to slip and fall back as it is quite normal and part of the process related to growth.

The idea is to get comfortable with falling but do get back up.

There is this double incapacity for positive action when you you ignore what is the cause of what’s happening around you and within you.

When you ignore the root cause and act like you are growing, you only become more stagnant.

Do remember that ‘actionless doing’ is what is called for many a time. Aligning with the forces of life without resisting the key changes. Things get done without you acting upon them. Growth becomes difficult when you keep resisting what is meant to change or holding onto aspects of you that aren’t really accelerating the process.

The trick about growth is that you don’t always grow in every dimension of your life. There is an unevenness and which is natural. You could be mature in one realm yet childish in another sphere. Growth is relative and sometimes its only partial and still is a worthwhile endeavour.

The past, present and future mingle together to pull us in different directions, forward and backward. As long as you have a steady sense of self and acknowledge how far you have come and see what it took to reach a long distance, you are fine. We are all made up of layers, cells and constellations which cannot be undone or reconstituted within a jiffy.

Growth takes time. Sometimes it can consume an entire lifetime yet it’s the beginning that matters. You would probably always be at the beginning as it’s about arriving where you already belong. Growth can be a mundane realisation than a life changing epiphany.

It could be more about realising you have everything you need and not all that you think you desired were really meant for your larger good and well-being.

More often, you need to integrate new experiences with old in a coherent manner to give you a harmonious present life.


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