Let go of every idea that doesn’t serve you

Let go of all your assumptions about the universe and it will make perfect sense to you.

That’s what Chuang Tzu, spiritual master says…

Sometimes when you keep trying to analyze each and everything till it suffocates your mind and peace, you will lose the perspective that you need. Infact nothing would ever make sense and you will lose your sense of self.

I have realised being calm always helps in the end. Most of the situations in life don’t deserve the kind of importance that we give them.

Life isn’t indebted to provide explanations to our daily queries.

Letting go doesn’t mean you stop looking for closure or answers. It means you stop holding onto your version of what life should be.

The universe is a sea of coherent vibrations. Nothing is out of place, so just relax.

Nothing happens at random or is highly unordered.

The earlier you learn to letting go of your beliefs of how things should manifest, the easier life unfolds in a sensible way.

Human beings aren’t just beings rather they are human becomings. They are always becoming something or the other without trying to actually get anywhere. By default evolution happens when you don’t force anything. We are all driven by a longing or a purpose.

That longing could be anything, need not be some out of the world achievement. It could something simple like having an amazing time with yourself having a coffee milkshake that has whipped cream dripping with caramel sauce as its topping.

The idea is you want or long for something that makes you happy and de-stresses you.


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