Own your habit

Habits are a part of our existence. I can’t imagine a life without possessing a certain set of habits that defines my lifestyle. I usually associate habits with repetition and something that is inevitable to living.

There are normally two stages of habits:

 Acquisition – This is the stage where learning takes place and usually one can see the learning curve as steep since there is immense scope to go one imbibing new things related to any skill or habit you want to cultivate in the future. You shape habits at this stage. Let us say you want to learn to the art of Origami, you have to start small in liking the craft of playing with paper and imagining objects out of them. You need to learn the sleight of hand.

 Practice – Habits are harder to change at this level as they become static and ingrained deep within you. Change is hard to make as it is becomes a practice and you feel out of sync with your sense of self if a certain habit ceases to exist. You form an identity around habits and associate yourself with them. Whether they add value to your life or not is secondary. You know some habits are unproductive and not meaningful yet you stick to them as it takes lot of effort to change them.

Don’t let any habit become a part of your life unless it contributes to your growth and beware of those habits that seem irreplaceable like a sedentary lifestyle where exercise becomes a choice more than a necessity.

Habits aren’t just a default part of your life rather they serve as a tool to assist us in doing things in a more efficient way. How do you deal with changes in everyday life? Habits come into the picture in making you adjust to the requirements in a given scenario. Let us say, you start waking up at 6:30 every morning to cope up with the lethargy in you that sets in motion over the course of the day. You figure out that waking up early keeps you up on your toes and fills you with more enthusiasm. You have this ‘bring it on’ spirit that seems like a desirable outcome. The habit of being up early in the morning becomes regularity. Habits help you deal with changes taking place in the inner environment as well as external surroundings too. The inner discussion that you have with yourself helps you change an undesirable habit. The key to transformation in any aspect of your life lies in how you mould you habits and replace the ones which are of no value addition.

It’s like programming a computer with conscience when you talk about paying attention to what habits you cultivate. Enable transformation in your lifestyle and patterns of thinking while acquiring a new habit or while seeing as to why do something in the first place?

Bring meaning to every action that you do in life. Sometimes we get used to habits that are of no value just because they act as fillers in our routine. It is better not to do anything than do something just for the sake of it. Habits should make you feel alive not as if you’re just existing.

Psychological habits

• Emotional habits- These are related to our feelings, emotions and the key is to see why a certain emotion takes hold of you and refuses to leave. Identify the source and work with it using a sense of humor.

• Mental habits – These are related to our ways of thinking, concepts of life, death and the way we see the world around us…

We are all creatures of habit so one ought to keep a watch on those that serve your growth and those that simply one follows without any meaning or value addition and for namesake.


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