Mind Invaders

I feel agitated many times while I’m sitting. Lots of thoughts just come at once gushing forth like a wild gale in my mind and I’m unable to handle them. Then I thought, it’s my need to react to them that make them invincible. What if I just ignore them like pollution and noise ? Let them be and they have a right to exist too. What’s making them so intimidating is my expectation of them not being there in the first place.

Why can’t I just be happy where I am ? What is scaring me about this world ? Is it the fact that we all have limited time on this earth ? Yet we choose to hurt ourselves over trivial situations. Hakuna Matata means no worries. An important and enlightening phrase I learnt from The Lion King as a kid. It works wonders when you become indifferent and rather stop worrying about every thought that comes to your head. You feel every thought that dwells in your head must be addressed as an issue and you have to sought after a viable solution.

What if you just ignore those thoughts as passersby or strangers ? What if you just witness those thoughts like you were watching a movie and not associating with any of them ?

Trick yourself into believing you think productive stuff even if you are letting your thoughts wander.

Always see those thoughts that seem bothersome to you as distractions that can be overlooked and somewhat like the honking sound of the traffic horns. You don’t carry forward the cacophony of the traffic with you to the destination where you’re headed !

I feel we need to guard our thoughts lest they get the better of us and start ruling over us.

If I look back at my life, I realised how thoughts played a strong role in regulating my emotional health.

The times I felt really in low spirits were when I thought about unpleasant things and they came repeatedly and went on a replay mode.

As long as we are aware of our thoughts and have the ability to be vigilant and tell them to buzz off when they get overwhelming, we are safe from their manacles.

Stop giving yourself so much self-importance and your thoughts would disappear in no time. Trying to disengage wit them isn’t as difficult as it appears, all you need is to separate them from your very essence and not allow them to guide your decisions and state of mind.

Thoughts are like clouds that graze the sky and yes the mind is never empty. It needs fodder. Whatever thoughts seem easy to process, get absorbed by it.

Become a non-judgemental witness to your thoughts and watch them take over you. This allows you to carry out your roles and actions with some detachment without getting derailed by those persistent thoughts.

Inner investigation

Look hard into yourself as to why some thoughts keep coming over again and again inspite of serving no meaning to your daily life. Have you reconciled with them ? Are you resisting them so much ? Do a research on the content of your thoughts. You might find them trivial and the source as well. It will tell you why some thoughts drive you towards destruction and the rest on way to progress.


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