The incorrigible guy next door

Why change is an incorrigible monster?

Spontaneity is the key to change.

Change is rapid yet slow and steady. We don’t anticipate few changes, they just happen. Be ready for drastic changes and try to be spontaneous in reacting to them. Practice spontaneity in the due course of unexpected events.

Rehearse a neutral or adaptable response to any unseen change. Usually our responses only escalate the already overwhelming situation and don’t add any value to solving the crisis.

Try rehearsing a response that can assuage any situation without deteriorating it or negating the possibilities for solutions. Don’t respond to change by showing disappointment rather see the hidden virtue in each situation. This is especially relevant change in our expectations with respect to what makes us happy in long run.

Imagine you always had this dream of studying abroad and you don’t have the necessary fund. You find it expensive. Maybe you can study within the same city you live in.

During the course of your study realize you would have wasted lots of money just for a change of environment when you can benefit by studying the same syllabus from your native country. Study content is more or less the same with slight differences in case studies. These days you can attend a Harvard University Lecture in Youtube itself.

Learning doesn’t always have to be beyond your comfort zone. Why waste money on tuition fee and accommodation fees ? We pay so much just for a change of lifestyle and an expectation of a foreign education producing a considerable change in our personality.

Inevitable constant

You know something funny, you can rely on change yet you find it unreliable simply because you weren’t ready for it.

William Ernest Henley in the poem ‘Invictus’ says

‘I thank whatever Gods maybe

For my unconquerable soul.”

Learn to surrender to change not fight with it

Find ways to grow which won’t have happened if not for the change

The reason we feel vulnerable to change is that we love being stagnant. Why don’t you find ways to grow which won’t have happened if not for the change?

The study of creative adjustments

It takes courage to take an honest look at one’s life, discover what’s no longer working and then change it. In spite of illness, in spite of even the archenemy sorrow, one can remain alive long past, the usual date of disintegration if one is unafraid of change.

Change needs courage. Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage. It takes consistent efforts to change yourself for the better and always remember enthusiasm helps. Not a fleeting enthusiasm but one that is the essence of immortality contained within you.

Growth doesn’t happen in a jiffy but is more of an erratic forward movement. You take two steps forward and one step back. Remember that and be very gentle with yourself.

Growth that comes with change is never easy as sometimes you might feel like you’re not making consistent progress. Nothing wrong in making mistakes or back-sliding. That’s normal, though; don’t beat yourself up about it.

How do I look at change?

You would stop taking things for granted in life as you know nothing lasts forever. Life likes to reinvent itself too. It hates routine. It finds the mundane boring and craves excitement. It sees you as a pawn in its game sometimes you have alternatives, sometimes you are left with no choice.

Shift in perspective

There is a paradigm shift in one’s outlook and you tend to live more for the moment than think about what is durable as you realize everything has an expiry date including yourself. The way you are as a person, the way you label things….Change makes you grow and evolve no matter how difficult it looks in the beginning.

Inner transformation takes place over a period of time as you start getting accustomed to change. There is this story about a man whose arm gets stuck beneath a huge boulder while he is on a solo hiking expedition. He ends up amputating his arm ultimately as he is unable to free himself otherwise. He waits for 127 hours to find a solution then decides that either he dies in suffocation without food or water with his arm falling prey underneath that boulder or he can survive if he is willing to let go of one arm. He actually realizes that it is not all that difficult to be without an arm, what matters is that he saved himself.

How do you adapt to change? It is by making a choice. If a man can flow with change in a near death experience like above, why can’t we accept seemingly non-threatening changes in our life ? If it weren’t for change, we would all be stagnant in our lives, there would be no room for self-improvement and development.


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