Why memory builds you ?

Memory is a mental faculty that helps you relive past psychic states and locate those experiences at a specific time and period in your life.

Plato said we are the souls and we often forget that referring to our ability to connect to our higher self and the concept of theophany (celestial wedding)

Ruskin Bond said that trees are the guardians of his conscience whenever he looks back at his childhood and reminisces that golden age. Memory is like the soil which needs to be nourished and a womb of experiences that you can relate to your inner journey at any given time. Psychological experiences in our life help us carry their essence and also tell us to relook at incidences in a new light instead of getting stuck with things that limit our growth.

Let’s not be on an overdrive all the time trying to forcefully remember things, let the synthesizing of memories happen on their own. Memories aren’t disconnected or isolated from your ongoing journey. For instance, I recalled the first time I overcame the fear of public speaking by reciting the poem of Matilda at the Bangalore School of Speech and Drama, I kind of thought of the experience as such a creative way to get over self-consciousness when you speak to an audience. Before that I never even took part in any debates or extempore, but it was this one year course which revamped my fear of expressing myself. As a child I have been very reserved and inert, all of a sudden there was this girl who would go on blabbering, how did that happen ?

Awaken your inner teacher at any given moment of life and find ways to release yourself from past pain and keep those memories that have a pleasant and inspiring impact on you. My grandmother’s death made me realize life is precious and I look for the qualities she embodied in my friends, in a way compassion and caring and warmth is what I look for most in relationships.

Someone’s death can be a way of cultivating and forging better bond with people and that life is connected, no one really goes away in essence, it is for us to value people and life, something like death exists. When you miss someone, be an impactful presence in someone’s life so that you can channelize your own painful memory into a good one for somebody else.

Every experience is a mesh of things interconnected and interrelated concepts and ideas and memory is a source of your identity and personality. Relive every day and cherish each moment as it’s gonna add to your basket of experiences. Memory can also make you realise the significance of Knowing Thyself at each level of consciousness even the sub-levels like Pranic sub level of your personality. Key is to see what affects your current perceptions, if it’s an uplifting energy flow then you need to keep only such things around you and drive away all negativity.

Your self is created by memories and your memories are created by mental habits.


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