Think Elastic

Elastic thinking is needed in a world which has got so caught up in a whirlwind and where analytics take precedence over idea generation. It’s all about flexing your mind when it’s necessary to thrive in a world where the ability to adapt is more important than ever before.

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Who said we don’t think when we aren’t really thinking ? Leonardo da Vinci was lost in thought while working on his artwork The Last Supper. He would suddenly quit for a while. But the clergyman who was paying him did not really like his hiatuses. The prior of the church entreated Leonardo with persistence to complete with work since it appeared weird to him that the artist passed half a day at a time in his own world.

He would have preferred Vinci like the labourers hoeing in the garden, never to have laid down his brush. Leonardo talked to him extensively about art and persuaded the clergy guy to see that greatest geniuses sometimes accomplish more when they work less.

Mary Shelley didn’t author Frankenstein without that relaxed state of mind which produces an outline of the story that one always seeks but appears elusive. Her night’s musings paid off when her unbidden imagination possessed and guided her. She saw with shut eyes but with acute mental vision, a pale student of unhallowed arts kneeling beside the thing he had put together. Well that was a scene she happened to visualise for her book.

Very often we feel we waste time by being immersed in our thoughts all day long but little do we know it in those moments that a heavy outpour of creativity happens.


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