Where does philosophy begin?

A clear perception of one’s own ruling principle, well that’s a good place from where you can start paving the road to walk the philosophical path as per Epictetus.

For instance, for many time is what rules their life. They believe time is precious and don’t see it as just a ticking of the hands of a clock. They would wanna be productive every minute of their lives if possible. For some others, Time is just a catastrophe, perpetual and irreversible.

Here time is the guiding principle behind their actions.

You might feel intimidated as to how should you begin. Is it books ? Or by attending lectures ? Should you sell your worldly possessions ?

None of these things are needed. Epictetus says start from your guiding reason and question your emotions and beliefs that you usually take for granted. An animal becomes self-aware the moment it sees its reflection in the mirror. That mirror image creates self-awareness even in an animal. But we humans possess more than just the faculty to see ourselves in the mirror and be astonished by a doppelgänger. We have the ability to analyze our mind. Once you become aware of that, you will feel yourself come alive. In Socrates’ words you will live a life really worthy of living.


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