Balance is the key

Life is always about a sense of balance and consistency. I had a pastry a week ago that looked delicious. Who would have ever thought a rainbow coloured cake slice can taste awful when you try it ?

It tasted so bad that one would give up sweets forever. Sometimes any form of extreme can take you to the other extreme such as when you are saturated with sugar you would crave to have something bitter. A coffee with an extra shot of espresso was the only thing that could stave off the excessive ghee ingested owing to a cake baked wrong.

A dessert should appeal your sweet taste buds but in a subtle way. It must not make you repulsive towards sweets.

For a while I was put off by cakes and even the sight of a dessert made my intestines cringe. A sip of cappuccino kind of warded off the distastefulness.

Strike a balance in every aspect of your life, whether its your food or sleeping habits or interactions with people or thinking patterns, anything that is out of sync with the needed balance will hamper your ability to enjoy things for what they are. Once in a while do eat something that tastes below average so that you appreciate the next time when you get your hands on your favourite dish.


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