Be the awakened one

We all are enlightened souls but we don’t know that yet. If you ask me what is enlightenment ?
I would like to make use of few lines from a poem,
To see the world in a grain of sand
And heaven in a wild flower…..
Figure out who wrote this.
These lines resonate the most with my heart. Enlightenment is not about renouncing any worldly desires or cares. Infact we can all gain this so-called supreme transcendental state of being just as we are right now. We don’t have to go far off to be and feel one with life. Are you fully present in the moment when you enjoy your daily dose of coffee ? You can experience eternity in the moment as long as your mind is free of anticipation of the future or agonising over the bygones.
Allama Prabhu, a poet from Karnataka wrote in one of his Vacanas (literary renditions), that the body is a deceiving hovel of misery. It is stuffed with flesh, fat, bones and skin which endures no longer than a flash of lightening and is poof, gone.
What we can observe from this is our attachment to this body, concrete form is what makes us feel enlightenment is far-fetched. There is nothing wrong in taking good care of this body. Afterall, it is a repository of your soul. Your soul needs a form to manifest itself in this world. The abstract cannot be visible without the body. How would the energy get a direction to flow and have an impact on its surroundings unless something contains it ? We just have to remember ‘I’ is an erroneous superimposition. ‘I’ is a convenient concept created for us to gain a hold of our transient selves.
Who said only Buddha can gain enlightenment ? Even I can. You can. Anyone with an iota of consciousness can achieve that awakened sense of self. A dog is already enlightened. It doesn’t try to be a Buddha.

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