Groove to the tune of Happiness


You have an uncle you never knew about who flies a single-engine plane onto a grassy landing strip. That uncle is Happiness. He hitchhikes into town and inquires at every door. But when he knocks at your doorstep, you are asleep and usually at the unmerciful hours of your despair moments. You don’t notice his presence.

Happiness isn’t elusive. It’s the way you describe happiness that makes it appear out of your grasp.
Happiness is usually equated with getting whatever you want.

But of you’re happy only when you get what you desire, is that even happiness ?
Isn’t happiness independent of your desires ?
It isn’t like instant gratification definitely.

Jane Kenyon in her poem ‘Happiness’ mentions that there is no accounting for happiness. It’s like a prodigal that comes back to the dust at your feet after having squandered a fortune away.

When you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands… when you’re happy and you know it and you really wanna show it, clap your hands…



But these days many people fake happiness. They want to show that they are happy when actually they aren’t. They wanna hide the fact that they can never be happy no matter what.
What is the stuff that happiness is made of ? Bubbles, laughter, giggles, genuine mirth ?

Well these days happiness is made of forcible smiles, people gritting their teeth from within yet trying to purse their lips and smile at their colleagues. You hate someone still gotta smile at them. Is that happiness ?
Isn’t happiness about the freedom to be yourself at certain occasions ?

The boulder ensconced in the perpetual shade of pine barrens comes across happiness too. So well, hold on, happiness is near you. Don’t chase it.

Happiness is that delicacy that can be found in the most mundane of circumstances. Imagine it comes even to the clerk stacking cans of carrots and the woman sweeping the street with a birch broom.
A wineglass that became weary of holding wine has a rendezvous with happiness too.


Happiness often saves its most extreme form for you alone and remember you are never abandoned. Make a feast in the honor of whatever you lose in life as you should be ready to take the finest garment that you saved for an unimaginable occasion when unexpected happiness finds you.




3 thoughts on “Groove to the tune of Happiness

  1. Enjoyed the use of technique in this one – personification, imagery, and adjectives too! Have you considered publishing on Medium? Not too sure how to compares with this platform, though.

  2. Manish Chhabra

    Very Interesting take on Happiness, makes you think if happiness is so independent of our environment …it is a very very individual experience for sure but it is a strange thing those same things that give you happiness for years all of sudden become so “usual” (things and people ) …”So well, hold on, happiness is near you. Don’t chase it” ….but the GPS to that “near” goal post is something we all lean on …there is no such GPS I guess …..

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