Mirror, mirror on the wall..

One of my favourite scenes in the movie ‘Lion King’ is when Rafiki, the wise old monkey shows Simba the Lion who he really is and how he has forgotten his real self by asking him to peruse his reflection in a pond. Sometimes a mirror isn’t just a way of admiring yourself or knowing how you look or see whether you look alright for an occasion.

Rafiki asks Simba to look at his reflection a pond, Simba of course sees his own image. When Rafiki says ‘looook haaard’,

Simba sees his late father’s image being formed in the pools of water. Rafiki tells him that his father lives in him, just that he never observed hard enough ever. It delves into the inner recesses of your soul.

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you don’t usually see how you have evolved over the years as a person. It’s only the reflection at that moment that catches your eye.

In Arvind Mehrotra’s poem ‘ Approaching Fifty’, the narrator looks at himself in the mirror and sees three faces. One is his own. The other a grey haired man’s whose life insurance policy has matured. The third image is that of a mocking youth’s who paid first premium of the life policy.

There is a feeling of disorientation when it comes to a mirror image. When you reminisce the nostalgic version of yourself or the futuristic oldie in you, you feel spaced out.

Don’t we do a cursory check often to confirm that we continue to exist in the way we did yesterday or last year ?

You might have embarked on a new direction in life such as changing a job, reducing family budget due to inflation, yet the peremptory nature of looking at yourself in the mirror everyday doesn’t cease, does it ?

The mirror isn’t always an object of taking pride in yourself. Sometimes it’s about accepting your current state of mind and how that affects the projected image. Whom are you fooling ? You can fake a smile to the mirror. But can you feign a smile to your soul ? Why don’t you look at the mirror to see your true self ? It doesn’t matter whether it’s frustrated or ugly or feeling disenchanted with everything in life.

Why don’t you be atleast your real selves to the mirror ? You don’t have to be your prim and proper self always in the mirror. It holds no preconceptions and it’s silver and exact when it comes to reflecting back your true self.

Maybe you are hiding a lot of pain in your eyes by giving it the appearance of twinkling with joy to the mirror.


7 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror on the wall..

  1. Manish Chhabra

    “Maybe you are hiding a lot of pain in your eyes by giving it the appearance of twinkling with joy to the mirror” …so true ….eyes hold a storm beneath ….unexpressed emotions and subtleties of pain ….all chartered the humble eye…

  2. An interesting post full of equally interesting meanderings! Full disclosure: I’m guilty of skimming! Sharing it now with a friend who was talking about promises made to the image in the mirror. 🙂 Cheers!

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