A new enlightening spark

Translating experiences doesn’t always mean seeing everything through rose-tinted glasses. You’re an artist who draws without an eraser in life.
Since failure is the condiment that gives success its flavour, not all experiences are there to bring out the best in you. Some bring out your worst and make you feel crippled. But those are the ones that tell teach you how to appreciate life.
Once Kamala Das, went upto the terrace to commit suicide at midnight. She saw the moonlight on the courtyard below, just when she wished to splatter it with her blood, she saw a mad beggar below the lamppost dancing lifting his emaciated hands in the air. The rhythm of his grotesque dance seized her from jumping from the terrace. She instead felt she was dancing on the most desolate pinnacle in the world.
She returned to her room in an half-asleep state and wrote with a resolve ‘Wipe out the paints, unmould the clay. Let nothing remain of that yesterday.’

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