Faith rocks you



When something bad happens, we lose hope or panic. Well don’t allow your immediate situation to make you feel low. You don’t have to despair or fret over everything.

If you look at the lives of famous personalities, they were far from perfection. Mahatma Gandhi was a mediocre student who was shy, timid and found it hard to talk to others. Who would think he would lead a nation ? Albert Einstein was not expert in all subjects except mathematics. Wilhelm Rontgen, the one who discovered X-rays was expelled from technical college because his classmates falsely implicated him for something they had done.
What do you think all these individuals have in common ? They never gave up on themselves no matter what.
Whatever suffering you endure definitely contributes in an unthinkable way to your growth in future.

No matter how many times you fail when your young, you got plenty of time you recover and get yourself back on course.
People who get poor grades, are bullied, betrayed by their close ones, fail, have to deal with illness or poverty have one thing at their advantage. They can easily understand others’ feelings and have deep insights about life.

So don’t let fear of failure let you from accomplishing something worthwhile.


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