He sees thru a microscope



What goes amiss in curiosity ?


Man lacks a microscopic eye. No wonder he wasn’t born as a fly.
What’s point in having fine optical instruments to inspect minute species such as mites ? He can’t even comprehend something as majestic as the heaven and sky. He has learnt to study biological specimens but alas can’t appreciate larger-than-life creation above him. The skies that look below at him with compassion.
While you’re wondering how to understand the complex nature of things, you overlook simplicity around you.


Pretentious work

Samuel Taylor Coleridge the poet, says in Work Without Hope that he is the sole unbusy thing who watches by as all species in nature are preoccupied with their daily chores. Even the mundane is made extraordinary by other species. While man makes even work seem as idleness. Don’t you think he makes life complex than it actually seems ? He has introduced work to make himself sound superior. He is the most useless being on this planet yet he seems to acknowledge himself as the most productive.

Twinkle twinkle little star

Nursery rhymes always made us love the rhythm and simple things that made a poem. Like a star in the sky to a grandfather’s clock ticking in a house, everything contained awe in it as a child. As we grew up, we lost interest and started becoming too.
The universe is a procession. With measured and perfect motion, it sways. So doesn’t matter if you aren’t able to understand minute things around you as long as you have an eye for wonder and are able to look at everything with bewilderment.


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