Self-Discipline isn’t always tough

"He's very disciplined about his writing, three hours staring at a blank screen every morning and five in the afternoon."

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Self-discipline is often misinterpreted as difficult. It’s takes work but isn’t hard. Seth Godin says be specific towards setting goals. Make them measurable and realistic. Your goals are a starting point to stay disciplined.
If you clarify your vision, you would increase self-discipline by default.


When it comes to goal conflicts, self-discipline helps you. You can deal with it. You know how conflicts are hard to cope up with.
Self-Discipline isn’t emotionless.
It’s about understanding, interpreting and managing your own emotions. It isn’t about raw power.
Handle with grace. Iron-will and brute strength aren’t necessarily important for self-discipline. Though they make the path easier.
Any movie that shows the hero cultivate discipline to achieve his goal inspires us. Whether it’s a revenge based goal or proving one’s prowess in a wrestling arena, discipline speaks where you’re headed. Self-discipline is the beautiful art of understanding, interpreting and then managing your own emotions.
Self-discipline also isn’t about self-denial of anything that is good. There is nothing wrong in being self-indulgent once a while. Who wants a routine all the time ? It becomes boring. Actually when you are disciplined as a habit, it takes away the fun from whatever you do. There has to be a little change in a routine. If you don’t engage your heart and mind in an intentional way to guide the way you live, there is no point in being ‘self-disciplined’.
Your involvement in an activity comes to a halt, when you have to do it even if you have no mood to do so. Discipline is like drinking milk daily because you think it makes you healthy and you enjoy its taste. Routine is like drinking milk daily for reasons unknown. Habit is drinking milk daily when you have forgotten the true taste of milk.



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