Zombie nouns kill readers



Fall in love with nouns, adjectives and verbs.

But steer clear of ‘nominalizations‘.

They are the words ending with -ism, -tion, -ity confuse the reader. It impedes clear communication. Yeah if you wanna be a verbose, go ahead. You wanna confound someone’s thinking. Sure take a dig at using the zombie nouns.
What can be said in simple terms becomes difficult to understand when you overload your sentences with too many ‘zombie nouns’.

Save that effort for bureaucrats, lawyers and technical writers.

Use nominalizations  when you want to explain a concept or as a keyword. For instance, assume you have to define ‘epistemology’ or explaining what is syllogism in arguments.

Be a writer with purposeful talk.

Never ever think of yourself as a noun. You are a verb as Stephen Fry says. You’re an active being. You imprison yourself if you see ‘self’ as a noun.


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