What’s wrong in being a loser ?



What do you do when you get to the point where the joy of winning dissipates while the pain of losing intensifies ? Just remember, losing allows you to gain perspective. It can help you realize that  isn’t all there is in life.

Icarus was a Greek mythological character whose wings were made of wax and glued together. His father had warned him not to fly too high as the sun would melt the wax nor too low as he would drown in the sea.
Unfortunately, Icarus forgot his father’s warnings and as he soared high, the sun’s blazing rays melted his wings making him drown in the ocean.
So what if he fell down ? He flew though with his artificial wings, every high has a low. The poet Jack Gilbert says in ‘Failing and Flying’ that Icarus just came to ‘the end of his triumph.’




Life isn’t about always winning as much as it’s about participating in whatever you do wholeheartedly.


“Over the years I’ve lost a lot of games.  Thankfully I’ve won a few too so my sanity has stayed in tact. Losing can be difficult. It can be painful.

Sometimes you can work so hard, invest so much time and energy but the results you want and even feel like you deserve can elude you.

Losing helps you learn that life can be difficult. Things aren’t always rosy and its not a matter of if setbacks happen to you, its a matter of what you do when those setbacks come. Losing helps you learn humility. It can teach you that success is not defined simply by the scoreboard. The great John Wooden said that winning has nothing to do with success. That success simply is giving your best effort and being the best you can possibly be.

I struggle seeing coaches and teams who not only lose poorly but they also win poorly. When they are winning they show boat and disrespect opponents. When they are losing they blame others and disintegrate right in front of your eyes, barking at each other on the bench and the floor. Winning does cure a lot of ills but losing exposes them.

Losses will come. It’s unavoidable so the question is, what can you learn from them? Do you continue to give your best effort during a losing stretch? Do you draw closer together as a team and continue to work for a common goal or do you quickly fall a part and begin looking out for yourself?”

The basketball coach, Jiben Nett


You can’t always win without losing. If you believe you can, you’re fooling yourself. Sometimes in order to gain something, you gotta lose something else. The problem is when you start regarding something so priceless, you would have issues in losing it.
We think losing means a huge blow to our self-esteem. We think we gotta show the world we rock. But when we don’t excel at something, it’s a terrible blow to our ego. We confuse our ego with our real sense of self. Not all the time you are meant for winning.
Losing keeps you grounded.


Signing off with a poem I read and liked :


Sometimes you have to lose to win
You lose a lover but gain a friend
Oh, how lucky I have been
For love can be lost, but friendships
Need never end
So when in life when you least expect it
A friendship thought lost is resurrected
Out of the blue so unexpected
Just when you needed them most


David Kush





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