A rotating shaft makes my night..

When you switch on a ceiling fan, the stationary armature gets into action.

The whirring sound of the fan makes me feel so in-the-moment and peaceful. The peace that is usually elusive when I try to calm my mind comes upon me when I shift my focus to the revolving fan in my room as I lie down and watch it.
Staring at a revolving fan is quite meditative and kind of brings you to the present. You forget all your worries and anxieties. You and the fan share such a serene equation. It is actually better than you staring at a blank wall. I just noticed how the blades of a fan become so invisible when it rotates at the maximum and swiftest speed.
The blades however are visible in the picture below which I clicked a snap from where I was on the bed.


The picture mode in camera captured the static.

When a propeller is in motion, the image of the blades (forming a uniform disk color ) is not resolved by the retina.
So it will certainly not be processed by your brain as the movement is too rapid.

I just read in quora.com that a rotating fan is in equilibrium between the electromagnetic torque from the motor and frictional torque from the air.

Atleast this electrical appliance has a balance unlike me. My mind keeps spinning and weaving thoughts while I fail to grasp them.


One thought on “A rotating shaft makes my night..

  1. Wiz

    Haha, I think the tranquility you feel from hearing the whirring of the fan is to due to the constant, rhythmic whirring sound (as opposed to a constant buzz). Maybe it stabilizes your mind by making it sync with that sound?

    I feel the same way too about fans. haha

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