Certain pursuits are meaningless..


“It is the preoccupation with possessions, more than anything else, that prevents us from living freely and nobly.”

Bertrand Russell


Every new possession brings new weariness. What you once wanted isn’t always going to keep you interested in it. Most desirable things are fleeting obsessions. They don’t necessarily live upto their ability to attract us indefinitely.


We focus on acquiring so much that we forget to sit back and enjoy what we already have.
You might be sipping a refreshing glass of Soft drink while wondering about the lack of money you have to get a Red Bull.
Even though you might not need it and you have quenched your thirst through a simple can of Coke.

Materialism is a distraction from true bliss indeed !
An instance of this realisation is how an object in possession seldom retains the same wonder that it had in pursuit. A gold necklace that you wanted at any cost loses it’s charm the moment it adorns your neck the umpteenth time. The object of your interest has an expiry date.

Is it really worth buying things when you know they are just a ‘in-the-moment-must-have-sensation’ ?


12 thoughts on “Certain pursuits are meaningless..

  1. gsundar

    Once Devarshi Narada came to visit Lord Vishnu. He seemed deeply thoughtful and far from his usual self. So Lord Vishnu quizzed him about it. Sage Narad said, “Bhagawan, I was in mrityulok (earth) just before this visit to Vaikunth and I am deeply moved by people’s suffering. I wonder why you, the Lord of Lords, aren’t helping them overcome their plight.”. Lord Vishnu smiled and said O’ Narada! Your kindness and infatuation is casting shadows on your wisdom or else you would have known the truth immediately. Let me help you with this dilemma. The truth is that I give human beings 3 opportunities for awakening from their misery caused by Maya. The first 2 involve there cravings and desires. Each time they desire something and achieve it, they become aware of the futility of their pursuit. Every time they fail to do so, they again know that life isn’t about these pursuits. The 3 rd opportunity is given to them when they mourn loss of a dear one. It is a reminder that all the material possessions and acquisitions are worth nothing more than fleeting infatuations. But their Ego is just too cunning and finds a way to get them back in such pursuits! I have O’ narad, already done all that is needed for the human beings to be liberated from suffering. But I cannot interfere with the laws of the Universe (Karma) and creation (Maya). It is left to them totally and to their will , for they too are siblings of the Divine source as you and me. I can only bless them and nothing more. Hearing this the Sage lay prostrate in devotion and humility.

  2. TonyD

    Advaita Shyam Sunder, I so agree. So many pursuits are nothing more than the ego looking to be spotlighted yet one more time. When it comes to material items it is far greater to want something than to have it. Want is desire in action… this feeds passion to the soul; it is what dreams are made of; the mind does not know the difference between fantasy and reality. However, once you have that item… as you put it, the “fleeting obsession” with the possession is gone.

    The grass is always greener on the other side, because you don’t have it on your side…. until you get there and find that it is artificial turf… or worse, concrete painted green!

    “Buying Things” means nothing to the soul, it is a human experience, it’s known as ego.
    “Look at me!” “Look what I have!” “Look how good it makes me Look!” “Don’t you wish you had this too?” “Oh, he went to Jared’s!”

    I think to truly find a path with happiness and peace as the guideposts, one must let go of material things and realize the true miracle of existence is “Life”, not what you do for a “Living” and “Unconditional Love” of all things in nature, not the “Conditional Love” of things.

    Very thought provoking article Advaita, I look forward to reading your others. Namaste~ TonyD

  3. TonyD

    @conctrete painted green – Thank you! LOL
    Living here in Florida, where it is mostly ALL beach sand. There are places where grass just will not grow, and some folks just got lazy about the whole “Green Lawn” idea and actually poured concrete front lawns and painted them green.

    From down the road it looks awesome, until you are within real-viewing-range when it goes to a jaw-dropping “what the …..?”

  4. Love love love this. Material possessions will never make you truly happy, it’s our connections that will and the things we truly love doing with the people we love doing it with or simply by yourself. 💗

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