Disarrayed genius

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”



A bunch of contradictory extremes. They aren’t individuals but they contain multitude selves. They exhibit tendencies of thought and action that seem to be segregated in most.

Creative people harness mindfulness and mind wandering abilities to

They aren’t dictated by a rigid inner structure but by what the interaction between them and the domain in which they’re working demands.

Factors that correlate to creativity:


The openness to novelty and new ideas, scenarios.


This is the drive for exploration. Traveling places never been before just out if curiosity and the need for something fresh is a symptom of this trait. Listening to a song and quoting its lyrics while conversing to your friend as an advice on how to let go of things you cant control.. constitutes this particular trait.


Ability to conform and be practical wherever required.


It’s one thing to have an idea and another to make it tenable (how well you can justify an idea of coming up with a new coffee chain that caters towards a zen atmosphere working space for freelancers)



Non-conformist mindset and the ability to be impulsive. Least bothered about being agreeable to others’ liking…

But any creative mind is a combination of the above three attributes. Our minds operate and switch between all the three ways of thinking.
The artist is a ‘receptacle for emotions.’

Sometimes you are just too closed and not willing to see that the idea cannot be executed. Its good to be adamant about your passions, but it can stop you from seeing beyond your perception.

Whereas at times the idea can be executed yet you wish to make changes. Don’t be too stuck of making something perfect and lose the essence.

The key is to be open to incorporating variations in your ideas and to make them flexible. If you wanna write a poem, then please do so and also be ready to tailor it for rhyme scheme, to make reading pleasurable.

Creative people are peculiar as they aren’t thrown back by complexity and ambiguity. Rather they welcome uncertainties and find them challenging.


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