Adopting habits


I am reading a book called Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter and I came across this term ‘Recidivism’ which means relapsing into criminal behaviour. This made me think it is quite relevant to mundane civilian behaviour as well…

Learning new Habits

We have a tendency to fall back into our old pattern of doing things. Adapting requires commitment and consistency.
Recidivism includes following old habits detrimental to our well-being. We are criminals for self-inflicting harm as well.
We do injustice to ourselves when we failto inculcate a new habit which adopted can drastically change our lives for the good.

Sometimes when I lose my ability to write regularly or atleast on alternative days, I feel I am a ‘recidivist’.
If not writing is a crime and I have convinced myself that I would write as regularly as possible, I allow myself a parole sometimes.

During the parole, I read a lot so that I feel motivated to write when I have to. A writer’s break shouldn’t be too long as the words become your adversary. They stop bumping into your mind and you fall short of them.

I allow myself to buy something really nice like a new pair of sneakers or pink chinos, so that I feel inspired to write in it.
They act like magic armour against laziness to write.
The parole ends once I know I can write on a regular basis without monitoring myself. It becomes natural to my day today existence.

I make it an addiction like shopping when you see something attractive. I see a book which has engaging language, I feel The compulsiveness to pen down few words.
I want to get addicted towards writing and I don’t want it to stop.

Just like we can chat for hours on whats app with our friends meaninglessly. Engaging in conversations that lead us nowhere, writing too need not lead you anywhere. I want to write for the pleasure of it and I act as if I’m talking to an imaginary friend.

A writing therapist named the ‘Sorcerer Supreme’ asked me to write from my realm to her in another realm.
Its only through writing I can talk to her. She lives in a realm where there is technology.
My digital words would be translated into ink once it reaches her through fax.

She said if I don’t write I stop living. I should write like my life depended on it. I need not make sense yet I must go on penning down.
For it is by writing, I slowly start to derive sense in this senseless being and world.


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