Learn to be naked with yourself !!

The intellectual and moral dangers of living among others and the value of solitude has always been a thought-provoking topic of discussion since ages.

Contrary to what Aristotle proposed in his Nicomachean Ethics that only a bestial man can flourish alone else he had to be god, solitude has been seen by many as virtuous to introspection and knowledge of the self.


Anglican clergyman Richard Cecil, states that “solitude shows us what we should be whereas the society reminds us of what we are.”

Frederich Nietzsche describes solitude as a necessary tool to the task of self-examination. He felt that it frees humans from temptation of thoughtlessly following the mob.

Montaigne stressed upon developing the ability to resist the temptation to mindlessly fall in with the opinion and actions of the mob.
We all nurture a desire subconsciously for the approval of other people. But this he compares to the attachment to material wealth and possessions.
As he feels, both passions diminish our sense of self. However he doesn’t say that we should relinquish them. He just says that we should be detached.

There is nothing wrong in enjoying and benefiting from others’ approval.
As long as you aren’t emotionally enslaved to them or become devastated if you were to lose them, it’s perfectly fine.
You can attain this stature only when you spend time with yourself and assess your private thoughts.


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