That peculiar sensation where you feel there are two versions of yourself dwelling inside you isn’t uncommon.


All of us view ourselves in two ways. The way we see ourselves through how others see us . Another way is through our own sense of self..

Du Bois coined the term ‘Double-consciousness’ in the backdrop of racism. “Two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings, two warring ideals in a dark body”. That’s how he defined the identity crisis of the ‘black’ people.

An African-American always wants to merge the gap between his own sense of self  and the lens through which the white pworld sees him, without being bleached by the white-supremacy. But the fissure in his identity makes it difficult to do so.

Similarly, we also aim to abridge the gap between how others judge us and how we perceive ourselves without letting our identity being superseded by the self-knowledge imposed on us by others’ biased perceptions.


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