Jovial spendthrift

While many might spend without bothering about the price tag or its utility. Others grimace even at the thought of expending a hundred rupees. All have our own concept of under or overpriced.


If you wanna be unconflicted in your spending lifestyle in future, click a snap of your purchases everyday to learn money management. You gotta see whether your money is vanishing into things you desire or just another ‘fleeting wants’ that can be overlooked the next time they emerge.

As long as you feel good about spending money on things that are valuable according to you, trust me it’s completely fine.

Here are the products I bought today..

A  vintage notebook for writing my blog drafts..


A deodorant and a perfume which emitted intoxicating aroma when I tested a sample..


A pair of matte finish nail polishes from YLG salon..


If you don’t spend money, whats the point in having it ?

Saving money also means making enjoyable expenses that also don’t burn a big hole in your pocket.

The next time you wanna buy something, go ahead with the decision without thinking too much as long as it isn’t compromising on the budget.

If you can accomodate it within your monthly means or weekly allowance, swipe your credit card happily or do away with those wad of notes you’re clinging onto as if your life depended on it.


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