Being the bard of your own existence



In a world where we believe everything is predetermined and that we all are puppets in the hands of fate… do we have a choice ?
We know we can choose but do we also have a choice over the consequences ?
I don’t think so. Forget pondering over the results of your choices but people have issues even to think over something before  opting for it. They would be glad if someone else chose it for them. Forget life. People would happily listen to whatever is been bombarded on them by the media, peers or society at random.

People ask for freedom of speech to assuage themselves for the freedom of thought which they scarcely use.

Søren Kierkegaard, a Danish philosopher profoundly described my thoughts on free will.

Free will is something not so commonly acted out by people where they believe in conforming to the rules of society than being someone different who treads his or her own path.
Your life and your decisions should depend on yourself not on external forces of any kind.

Wouldn’t you be a subject rather than an object ? Act from reason and conscious purposes that belong to your own than caused by something outside of yourself.

Repeated re-enforcements

There is a part of the brain which stores preconceived judgements before we actually become mature enough to take decisions. There are certain ingrained mental reflex actions that get accumulated in our mind without our own knowledge.

“The problem is that some entries in our rule-book were made when we were small kids and did not have the capability to truly judge the situations.”

says Prem Kamble, a behavioural consultant and trainer in

Sometimes we are free to do what we want but don’t have a say over the outcomes.
There exists little control over our subconscious mind as opposed to what we think. Many of our actions don’t arise from conscious decisions. They are governed by the subconscious mind.
It’s like something is steering us all the way in life and apparently it has a strange sense of humor.img_7439

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